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Sid Miller: Texas Parents Demand School Choice


Sid Miller: Texas Parents Demand School Choice

Calls on rural lawmakers to join the fight for parents’ interests

Austin, December 1, 2022 – Texas Agriculture Commissioner and former school teacher Sid Miller today published an op-ed encouraging rural lawmakers to put the needs of parents and children first.

Wrote Commissioner Miller, “Rural Republican legislators have been reluctant to support parental choice, due in large part to public education activists and superintendents convincing them it wasn’t popular with their constituents, when in reality their objections are about keeping your tax dollars flowing into failing government schools.

With that lie now exposed, we must hold all our elected representatives responsible for implementing the clear will of Texas voters.

It is time for school choice in Texas.”

Read the complete op-ed here.

Sid Miller has been the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture since 2015. He previously served in the Texas House of Representatives. Commissioner Miller is also a rancher, farmer, and rodeo champion. Learn more at


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