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Alto, TX Author Publishes Thriller Novel

Alto, TX Author Publishes Thriller Novel
She Has The Power To Change The Fate Of The People Who Follow Her
Sensor ‘The Turning’, a new book by Kevin Pierce, has been released by RoseDog Books.
It was a time when an act of cowardice had consequences worse than death. The new age was marked by the rise of the battle packs, fierce community fighting groups, led by their Sabers in the battle against Winged Appendaged Rapacious Predators,…the WARPs. The survivors were the ones that grasped one singular principle; each encounter could only be approached with the understanding that there was no place to hide and no such thing as a safe place. If you could not kill the enemy, the enemy would kill you. The packs referred to this as ‘gladiator rules’. Once the battle started, it raged violently until there was but a single victor.
This is the story of the Sabers, the battle packs, their sensors, their battle machines, and all the researchers who lived with one solitary goal in mind,…to kill WARPs. The people of Cherokee County in New East Texas credited the leadership of one Saber for their success. That Saber, however, credited the victory to the packs, the people, and their sacrifices. He had overseen the battle of legend that would be known as ‘The Turning’. It was the encounter where discoveries would give humankind the upper hand and turn the tide of all future battles. History would record the names of many men and women, the true heroes. In the end, the history books would add one final name to the list. It was the name of a machine,…a battle tractor. Her name was ‘Anakai’.
About the Author
Kevin Pierce co-authored the original book, SENSOR, which was the first in the series. He continues to chronicle the stories of the scourge that befell mankind since the advent of the WARP. Kevin is many things, among them,….a storyteller.

Sensor ‘The Turning’ is a 422-page paperback with a retail price of $26.00 (eBook $21.00). The ISBN is 979-8-88527-906-2. It was published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

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