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Jimmie Barnes in town for series of book signings

Author and Gilmer native Jimmie Barnes will be in Gilmer Nov. 14-16 for a series of book signings of his work “Redbone.” Barnes will sign books Nov. 15 from 4-8 p.m. at Davidson’s Restaurant and and from 4-8 p.m. Nov. 16 at the Gilmer library. Barnes added he is tentatively slated to sign books Nov. 14 at Gilmer High School. Barnes is a musician and entetainer who said he returns to Gilmer where he grew up on Machen Lane. “I play music for a living in Beaumont with a group of studio musicians who have toured with many of the country music stars suck as George Jones, Tom T. Hall, Tracy Byrd and many others,” he noted. “The group is called Britt Godwin & Company. Besides their regular shows we have in this last year opened for Neil McCoy and John Conlee.”

His first two two books are for sale at Barnes and Nobel, Amazon and I Tunes and the third in the series is ready to go to the publisher. There will be four at completion. “Redbone is a very different take on and old theme,” Barnes said. Redbone is a Cowboy werewolf in the old west that kills lawmen as homage to the devil. All except the intended victim believes him to be just a bad outlaw but he revelas himself to the lawman as he shoots him six times. He repeats this process three nights in a row under each series of full moons in the month. Three lawmen, six shots apiece. Eighteen shots, 666. “After seeing his father killed by the creature, young James Trinton figures out what is happening and kills the demon where no one has been able to do so before thus winning a bet between good and evil that has lasted for eighty two years. But now the demons are coming back and Tim Jones is tasked with fighting the new evil.” “Redbone 2” is the continuation of the battle. It is a prequel that tells how the demon came into being and then becomes the evil of the west.Jones is faced with more than he expected and has learned to never underestimate the Devil.

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