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Discussion over…Harris County Taxpayers Win! A quarter billion dollars saved for Taxpayers

Proactive stance by Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey forces adoption of the No-New-Revenue-Tax Rate which saves taxpayers money, but leaves county with $72 million more in new revenues! 

Houston – Harris County held property tax hearings for its four taxing jurisdictions for the final time  today, Harris County, Harris County Flood Control, Hospital District, and the Port Authority of Houston, but did not have the required four Commissioners present to adopt a rate above the no-new-revenue-tax rate (SB2, 2019). As a result, the following estimated chart by Senator Paul Bettencourt’s (R- Houston) office implies that taxpayers will save approximately a quarter billion dollars, with the county receiving 72  million dollars for new growth. 

“The three member majority on the Commissioners court has finally recognized the obvious that  without another member, SB2’s no-new-revenue-tax-rate will be adopted for all Harris County tax  jurisdictions. The result is a record property tax savings of a quarter billion dollars for Harris  County taxpayers,” said Senator Bettencourt. “Kudos to Commissioners Ramsey and Cagle!” he  added. 

“Claims of property tax revenue cuts are not valid as the no-new-revenue-tax-rate leaves new  growth of 72 million dollars for all the taxing units involved… Discussion over, Taxpayers win!”  Senator Bettencourt concluded. 


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