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 by James A. Marples
George  H. Steinmetz said that “The (legitimate) Rosicrucian philosophy states: Astrology is the clock of destiny. Legitimate astrology is NOT fortune-telling. It is the scientific key to character and character is destiny.” He compared it to the hands of a clock. The hands of the clock  may point to XII (Noon) and it is not twelve o’Clock just because the hands of the clock point to the numeral.  It is because the the clock has been set to reflect the time based on the light of the sun. Similarly, in the Bible, the Star in the East, was a point of holy guidance for the Wise Men to find the baby Jesus.
The Bible warns against “soothsaying” Steinmetz correctly noted the proper perspective must be utilized.  For example, the word ‘heaven’ can refer to a distinct place: the dome above studded with its galaxy of stars, denoting Almighty God’s abode.  Secondly, the word ‘heaven’ in another context can denote a state of emotions, as in our joyous feeling of being in heaven or on ‘Cloud 9’.
 In its proper context, the heavens declare the Glory of God. George Harold Steinmetz was born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1892. By 1922, he was already a Royal Arch Mason and an Eighteenth Degree Mason.  Surprisingly, he did not proceed to receive the 32nd degree for a long time, some 22 years, attaining it in 1945, and in 1959, he was elevated to the high honor of a 33rd degree Mason. Steinmetz was indeed a scholar who showed the honorable side of astrology.

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