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200th Exhibit of Messiah’s Mansion Offers Free Tours in Jefferson, TX Nov 5-13!

Free English and Spanish Tours of a full-scale model of the Mosaic Sanctuary – the size you would have seen had you been alive in the days of Moses!


JEFFERSON, October 18, 2022 —Jefferson Central Church, organizing host church, announced today that several churches in the Northeast Texas area have joined together

 to bring Messiah’s Mansion  to Jefferson and are offering free tours in English and Spanish to celebrate their 200th exhibit!   Messiah’s Mansion is a traveling exhibit of a full-

scale model of Moses’ Sanctuary, bringing to life each element in the sanctuary which had deep significance to the Hebrew people.  The entire purpose is centered around one

main theme – the Gospel in symbols.

Because this inspirational exhibit comes from directions given in the Bible, Messiah’s Mansion has been hosted by several different denominations over the years and has been

exhibited in 36 states and 5 countries.  This Northeast Texas Fall event is being supported through a combined effort of area Seventh-day Adventist Churches and Jefferson

Christian Academy.

Free English and Spanish Guided Tours

      Nov 5 –13 from 1-7pm

                     213 W. Broadway Jefferson, TX 75657 (Hwy 49 W)

  • Chairs are provided at each of the 5 stations.
  •      Handicap accessible
  • Restrooms and golf cart assistance available.
  • Additional resources are available including DVDs, books and more.

Tours Consists of 5 Stations

  • The Hebrew Tabernacle – You will gain a structural overview of the Tabernacle and its intricate, purposeful design.
  • Courtyard – Upon entering the Courtyard, your guide will explain the humbling symbolism of the Altar of Sacrifice and the Laver.
  • Holy Place – Learn the significance of its 3 distinct elements

Table of Shewbread


Altar of Incense

  • Ark of the Covenant – The only article in the Most Holy Place and the most important element in the entire Tabernacle.
  • Special Garment worn by the High Priest – Learn how it affected the history of the Hebrews.

The vision to bring Messiah’s Mansion to Jefferson began after touring the exhibit in Tyler, TX nearly 20 years ago but since the required exhibit space plus parking was so great, the need for a good location was an obstacle for many years.  This was only because God still had another piece of the plan that was yet to be put in place – Cross Threads Thrift Store.

Faith played a major role in the vision and creation of Cross Threads as God called several people to form this non-profit to encourage church members to leave the pews and serve the community.  This was later realized as critical to fulfilment of the vision to bring Messiah’s Mansion to Jefferson because Cross Threads has nearly 4 fenced acres perfectly located for this event.

  •              Jefferson is proud to be home to the 200th exhibit of Messiah’s Mansion.
  • Exhibits have been set up in 36 States- Including Alaska and Hawaii, and 5 other countries, including Jamaica and Ghana, Africa.
  • There have been an average of 8 to 12 exhibits a year. Since covid, 9 exhibits in 2021 and Jefferson is the 8th exhibit for 2022.
  • Exhibits have been hosted by several different denominations as the content is from the Bible and would apply to all Christian churches.
  • Pillars of the Courtyard are 7.5’ tall while columns of the Sanctuary rise 15’.
  • Assembling the exhibit requires 500-700 man hours over 2-3 days

Founders, Carolyn and Clayton Leinneweber, created Messiah’s Mansion based on instructions that were recorded in the book of Exodus in the Bible.   CarolynLeinneweber said that when they attended a Southern California church in 1995, the pastor had been researching the symbolism of the elements found in the Sanctuary when he received an invitation to present it to a group of young people.

“It was so well accepted.  The young people were just spellbound,” she said. “and we thought, ‘Wow, if we could get the attention of teenagers with this, what would it do for the community?’ so we went back and built this.”

Leinneweber said that God has a plan and it’s the symbols in the sanctuary showing that plan to redeem people so they can live forever with Him.

She continued to share that this is why they set this up – because of the visual aid and being able to explain what physically happened.  “When you start plugging in the symbols and what they actually mean, you get the big picture of what this plan is and how God is going to redeem man to live with Him in heaven,” she said. “Even though it’s a lot of work to set up, it’s worth the effort because the visual aid is so powerful.  Depending on the crew of volunteers and the equipment available, it can take 500 to 700 man hours to assemble Messiah’s Mansion”, Leinneweber added.

From a North Dakota exhibit, when asked why the church worked so hard to bring it to Jamestown, Erickson said, “To share the plan of salvation.”  “When Moses built this

tabernacle in the wilderness according to God’s instructions, every piece of furniture and every action of the people and the priest pointed forward to Jesus’ sacrifice. As we

look at the symbols we can see how much God loves us and how much He cares.”

“As part of the grand opening of our church sanctuary, we asked Messiah’s Mansion to set up their life-size replica of the Mosaic Sanctuary.  We did not realize how great a

 blessing this would be to our church and our community.  Its positive impact will only fully be known when we reach Heaven,” a Pastor testified.

                                                                Why Tour the Tabernacle?  Because it is an opportunity like no other!

An amazing illustration of the plan of salvation shows how God’s love was demonstrated to ancient Israel over 3,000 years ago when more than 2 million people banded

together to build a tabernacle for their God. This living museum provides a unique opportunity to learn about ancient history firsthand and not just from a book. Participants get

a chance to see demonstrations of life long ago that engage children and adults alike!

You will not want to miss this opportunity to take a free tour of Messiah’s Mansion.

                            It may well be your last opportunity, unless you bring it to your town!

Jefferson Central Church has partnered with Cross Threads Thrift Store several times since they opened in May of 2020.  The ultimate vision for Cross Threads is to be a

place where the community can come together to worship, learn and play.   In 2020, Cross Threads hosted several months of drive-in church services and FREE Community

 events including Kids Drive-in Movie Night and Back-to-School Popcorn Drive-Thru.  The Summer of 2021 brought local kids together cooling down at Splash Day!

And now, all in God’s timing, they have helped to fulfill the vision to bring Messiah’s Mansion to Jefferson!

Jefferson Central Church, located at 604 N. Walnut in Jefferson, is the organizing host church for this event, but also includes the help and support of Jefferson Academy

Church, Jefferson Christian Academy, Marshall English and Spanish Churches, Longview English and Spanish Churches, Henderson English and Spanish Churches and

Cross Threads Thrift Store. For that we are most grateful and invite you to follow these churches and organizations on Facebook.

Learn more about the Jefferson event at: and “Book a Tour” .

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