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Circus Cruelty in Big Sandy

By Madhu Anderson

Despite receiving several animal welfare citations from USDA, the C&M Circus (Culpepper and Merriweather) is traveling from town to town in Texas. And it’s coming to Big Sandy on October 21. This circus company was cited for failing to provide the animals with proper veterinary care, nutrition, and shelter. In addition, USDA had confiscated an underweight tiger cub from the circus. And its license was suspended for six months by an administrative law judge.

Wild animals in circuses are often cramped in tiny cages while traveling thousands of miles across the country.

In the wild, tigers do not jump through hoops, elephants do not walk on two legs, and bears do not ride bicycles. Trainers often claim they only use “positive reinforcement” to train them but in reality, using bullhooks, whips, electrical shock prods, or other painful devices is a standard industry practice.

These circuses teach children that it’s acceptable to abuse animals for amusement.

Big crowds and loud noises stress these animals. Bringing these dangerous, stressed wild animals into close proximity to people poses a serious public safety threat.

Nearly 150 municipalities and six states prohibit or restrict wild animals’ use in traveling circuses.

Please do not attend C&M (Culpepper and Merriweather) circus or any other traveling circus that comes to your town.

Contact this circus at 580-326-8833 and politely ask them to stop using wild animals in their shows and send them to wildlife rescue sanctuaries.

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