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Nintendo Features Local Talent

By Sarah Strub

People dream of having their work sold by a major company and one East Texas native is living that dream! This month, video game giant Nintendo is releasing a game developed by Big Sandy’s Nathaniel Strub!

Nathaniel, aka. “Scrubz,” showed an early interest in physics and mathematics and began programming video games at age eleven. He was having fun and eventually wanted a career in game development. He worked on his own time while juggling school work through junior high, high school and then college. He entered game development contests and ranked at or near the top in a number of them. His 2020 entry in the 5th Petit Computer Ogiri gained recognition by the Tsukumo computer company in Japan. “Neon Driftway” in the Oogiri World Grand Prix (WGP) received a nod from Japanese celebrity judge Tōru Furuya. In 2021 Nathaniel tied for first place with his game “Super Funky Bowling” in a Retro Coding competition sponsored by FUZE Technologies Ltd and Wireframe video game magazine. In Wireframe’s issue #52 Judge Philip Oliver (of the ”Oliver Twins” game development duo) commented on the game, “Incredible. I hope this developer gets a career in the games industry….” That foreshadowed what would happen next.

While working on another game this spring, Nathaniel contacted FUZE for permission to use a piece of their music. They said, “We’ve been meaning to talk to you!” They were seeing students at their coding workshops playing Super Funky Bowling. They envisioned helping developers publish their games on the Nintendo eShop and wanted Nathaniel’s game to be their first project. Of course, Nathaniel said “Yes!”

This past summer, FUZE and Nathaniel worked together on the game-publishing process. Nathaniel is very grateful for their help. He says “…the FUZE team came along, took a game I made with FUZE, and did the hard work of putting it on the eShop for me! How awesome is that!” According to Nintendo’s September 27, 2022 press release, “Super Funky Bowling…is the premier release under the “Made with FUZE” initiative – a new, super accessible route to getting games published on the eShop.” Super Funky Bowling is available exclusively on the Nintendo eShop from October 14th 2022 for only 2.99 ($£€).

Nathaniel Strub is a 2020 graduate of Big Sandy High School, and earned his Associate of Science degree in Computer Science from Tyler Junior College in 2022. He is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Texas at Tyler.


Photo credit: Tyler Junior College graduation photo by Tracy R. Delk

FUZE Press Release on 9/27/22 including YouTube game trailer, screen grabs, and game icon: 

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