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By James A. Marples
Having family in Broken Bow and area, I like the wisdom that earlier generations imparted. In July 1944, the eminent theologian Charles L. Brooks of Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma who held a Doctor of Divinity degree, noted that the Bible is not just one book but a collection of books. The wood biblia, plural of the Greek biblion, means, a little book. With the rise of printing, it became to become in a more permanent form, circulated and prized as a holy writ. Brooks pointed out “the fact that, whether the Christ of God was incarnate in Jesus of Nazareth, as the Christians aver, or is yet to come, as the Jews persistently believe, both are agreed that the Messiah of prophecy is the world’s sole hope. Both find common ground in the belief that HE is the Light of the world — the Light that never fails”. In our world today, in 2022, in East Texas, we need to take stock of those wise words. We need to live, act, and work with that that profound message in mind.

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