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Why America Drifted From God   


By Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

Two events this last week shows why America has drifted far from God and His Word.

In the first event, “described as the first test of a planetary defense system”, NASA supposedly hit the smallest of two asteroids, some seven million miles away, to see if it would deflect it enough to affect its orbit.

The “NASA’ chief scientist and senior climate advisor” was so proud of their accomplishment, that she exclaimed that “dinosaurs did not have a space program to protect them, 65 million years ago, when the Chicxulub asteroid slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula.”

A quick check on the internet, said the size of the Chicxulub Asteroid, was estimated to be, 6.2137 miles wide.  They also claimed that the crash “triggered a world-wide tsunami” and that it “has been linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs and up to 75% of all other life.”

The above is the way our scientists and the world has been mis-educated over the years.  All because God, the creator of all, has been left out of the real history of Earth and the Universe. It definitely was done purposedly to deny God his deserved Glory for the Great Creation, which includes every one of us. Time was not a factor to God then.

The exact date/time God created the Heaven and the Earth is not ascertainable, because God did not say know long the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters which covered the new Earth.  Time was not a factor with God then.

But we do know that Heaven and Earth were void of life, and therefore no dinasaurs were roaming around underwater, and that there were no solid objects in the sky to fall upon the waters covering the earth.

After God completed his tour over the waters on Earth in darkness, He spoke light into being, and He called light Day, and the darkness, he called it Night.  And that was the first DAY!

So all living things on earth have existed only thousands of years, and not millions of years!   That includes the infamous dinosaurs.  And so has the Chicxulub asteroid.  And, this first Earth will pass away after Jesus Christ rules a thousand years (Rev. 21:1)!

The second event was when I saw a TV clip, just days ago, of the Vice-President, visiting the North and South Korean Border, and I am sure I heard her say “billions and billions of years since “the beginning.”     If I heard her right, I can assure you it did not take God millions, or billions of years to create and populate our Mother Earth and Heaven.  It only took Him six days after the over the water tour and then He rested on the seventh day.

Hearing the two grossly exaggerations promted me to write this letter.

So, unless America and the World starts paying attention to God, and the Word of God, and His Commands, much larger objects than the Chicxulub asteroid will be falling on the Earth.  Among them will be all the “stars of Heaven” will fall “unto the earth” (Rev. 6:13).

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