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Why should we re-elect Donald Trump as President?

By Mark Vogl


Recently, I have spoken with Americans who I deem to be reasonable, intelligent people who voiced hesitation to vote for Donald Trump should he run in 2024.  One of those people said he voted for Trump twice before.  Another said, she did not vote for Biden or Trump.


Because of these and other incidents I felt it important to offer my views on why it is essential to the future of America that the American overwhelmingly chose Trump as the Republican nominee and elect him in 2024.  The reasons are many, all important in their own respect.


As a citizen we have a responsibility to select a candidate for President whose leadership and policies will provide he best opportunities for security as a nation, prosperity for as many as possible, who will abide by the Constitution, and work for the good of America and the world.  There is no doubt, that in 2020 President Trump was that choice, and in 2024 he will again be that choice.


The Future of America and the World


The policies of President Trump – the MAGA Agenda – improved the condition of this nation and the world.  His Presidency is recognized as the most pro – faith administration in the history of America, but the work in that area is far from completed.  His Energy Independence policies not only produced low energy prices for America’s citizens and industries, helping to hold down inflation, but severed our dependence on foreign oil resources freeing our global presence from that immediate pressure.


President Trump’s campaign promises – the promises of earlier winners that were never implemented, like the relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem. His foreign policy achievements are too long to list here, but are succinctly presented on a time line developed by the Council of Foreign Relations, no friend of President Trump. (


President Trump was working hard to create a new 21st Century position for the United States on the world stage.  This work is extremely important given the proclaimed ambitions of China to become the number one world power, and its recent defense treaty with a warring Russia whose ambitions are far larger than Ukraine.


National Security

There is clear evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, in part, through a coordinated combination of Chinese, Iranian and other foreign nation’s Cyber-attack on election day (see Lyndell’s MOMENT OF TRUTH SUMMIT).           Foreign interference by enemies of the USA in governing our nation will have proven successful, unrecognized and unpunished.


The decision by President Biden to execute a rushed retreat from Afghanistan cost American and Afghani lives, and 80 billion dollars in American military equipment to enemies of the United States, abandoned a first-rate air force base and airport in close proximity to America’s number one challenger, China, and created an environment of diplomatic chaos in the world.


Re-establish traditional, proven and trusted

election procedures and laws


The 2020 Election revealed a coordinated effort by America’s Intelligence Community, the Deep State, the Mainstream media, and election officials of both parties in many states to cause the defeat of President Trump.


Once again China has a place here, in that the COVID virus that emanated from China was used as an excuse by Governors, Secretaries of State and Courts to change voting procedures without the approval/action of the Constitutionally designated election authorities of the state legislatures.  This included open ended mail in ballots, reduced verification standards, extended times and dates for voting, and establishment of systems allowing for ballot harvesting.


The evidence for this was not well hidden, and real concern begin with the first time in our national history, the pausing of vote counting in five key states in on the morning of the day after the election.   Some of the means used for cheating included fraudulent mail in votes, harvested votes collected through Zuckerburg drop boxes, illegal votes by dead citizens, non-resident citizens, unregistered citizens, citizens voting in two states or jurisdictions, and illegal aliens.


Vigorously Investigate Criminal activity

by government figures and agencies


A suppression of information in the 2020 campaign concerning the Hunter Biden laptop, in the possession of the FBI for almost a year before the election, by the FBI and the mainstream media was crucial to the election of Joe Biden.  A letter with the signatures of 51 Intelligence professionals claiming the Lap top to be Russian misinformation is a clear piece of evidence concerning the existence of the Deep State.


The illegal assistance of the FBI with respect to the introduction of the “Steele Dossier,” and their tapping of the Trump Towers, and Trump communications clearly assisted the Clinton campaign in 2016.   These operations have never been fully investigated and revealed to the American citizenry.


And only a Trump Administration will fully investigate what really happened, and who was behind the January 6th protests at the capitol, and why a woman Air Force Veteran was shot and killed!  Also, investigate the treatment of those arrested and jailed without trial for months, if not years.


Rewarding Soros, China, Clinton, Biden Corruption, and the efforts of the Ruling Elite and the Deep State


All candidates of either party, but Trump, have never faced the unified hostility he was able to survive.  It is certain that anyone who attempts to execute Trump’s policies will face the same level and consistency of hostility.  Since no politicians previous to President Trump kept their word regarding campaign promises or stood up to continuous political hostility emanating from a united Press, it is unwise to believe they will now.


No other candidate will be as committed to finding the truth and cleaning up elections and discovering the real criminal operations in the 2020 election.


Any shift from Trump to another candidate will be portrayed as the beginning of the end of the movement created by Trump.


He has earned a second term by his sacrifice, his willingness to keep his word, his courage in facing enemies, foreign and domestic, and his first term achievements.


If Trump does not run or is rejected by the Republican Party it sets a clear precedent for all future reformers; the Deep State – Ruling Elite – Mainstream media and their allies will destroy you as they did Donald Trump, your allies and family!


By not putting Trump back in the White House, our nation would be validating the actions of so many evil spirits to block him from being our leader.

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