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British Consul General will hold tree-planting ceremony Sept. 6 on Kilgore campus

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Her Majesty’s British Consul General Richard Hyde will discover that to be true as he embarks on a road trip around the state – including a stop at Kilgore College.


One of his first stops will be at the Kilgore campus to hold a brief ceremony to plant a tree as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, an initiative honoring Queen Elizabeth’s 75th year on the throne.


In addition to the tree planting set for 3 p.m. tomorrow outside of the Woodfin Center on the Kilgore campus (located at 909 Ross Ave), Hyde will also meet with Dr. Brenda Kays, KC president, and college administration to learn more about KC, the college’s role in economic development and to discuss the Marshall scholarship – a postgraduate scholarship for Americans to study at any university in the United Kingdom.


After the tree planting, Hyde will be escorted by a group of KC’s world-famous Rangerettes and Texas Shakespeare (TSF) actors in costume to see the home of TSF productions in Van Cliburn Auditorium.


“It is quite an honor that British Consul General Richard Hyde and his senior staff chose Kilgore College as one of their destinations on their trip,” Kays said. “We are looking forward to visiting with him so he can learn more about Kilgore College and how important KC is for workforce training and the economic development in the area.”


Hyde and senior staff from the British Consulate, located in Houston, will not be hard to spot in a Union Jack-draped Jaguar as they travel to North and East Texas, with bonus side trips into Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico.


The route will cover approximately 2,500 miles – nearly three times the length of the United Kingdom. This trip follows last year’s 2,500-mile road trip to central and west Texas, with a return drive along the length of the Texas-Mexico border.


Coming in the year of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the team is honoring the queen by planting a tree in each location visited, including one in each of the five states on the itinerary.


Along with the tree planting ceremonies, the team will also host town hall style ‘pop-up consulates’ to meet with local businesses, civic and political leaders and other interested groups. The meetings will highlight the close economic links that the UK has with the state of Texas (as well as celebrating some Great British food and drink).


“The aim of this tour is to focus on cities outside the ‘Texas Triangle’ (Houston, Dallas, Austin/San Antonio). This will enable us to engage with a wide range of politically influential and economically important communities and groups,” said Consul General Richard Hyde. “Whilst honoring Her Majesty’s 75th year on the throne and enhancing the environment with tree plantings, we also hope to demonstrate that the UK is a modern and dynamic partner of Texas, a leading center of culture, music and sport – and a world-class center of innovation and science.”


The British delegation will be promoting investment opportunities between Texas and the UK, with exports from Texas to the UK amounting to more than $10 billion in 2018, with a combination of events helping to support a range of UK interests across business, trade, defense, education and other sectors.


One-hundred and eighty years after the UK government first appointed a representative to Texas, this tour is also a chance to mark the UK’s continuing commitment to enduring relationships, mutual prosperity and extensive security cooperation with long-standing and close allies.


For more information on the event, contact Elizabeth Bertram – Head of Press & Public Affairs, British Consulate-General, Houston – at or (832) 248-2138.



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