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Slaton Opposes Censorship, Urges Texas House to Use Appropriate Terminology Regarding Child Gender Modification

GREENVILLE – On Wednesday, Representative Bryan Slaton announced the House Administration Committee Chairman Will Metcalf’s decision to prohibit the publication of a press release revealing state-funded medical schools have classes and materials instructing students how to sexually transition children, an issue important for all Texas taxpayers.

Representative Slaton issued the following statement:

“We were informed last week my press release would not be published on the House website because it violated their ‘policy guidelines,’ which are a mixture of objective and subjective standards. After several attempts to ascertain the exact violations of the informative press release in question, Chairman Metcalf informed me certain descriptive adjectives and phrases, such as ‘abhorrent,’ ‘harmful,’ ‘barbaric’ and the phrase ‘no one in their right mind,’ could be used to describe the practices of child gender-modification on the House website.”

Big Tech platforms have engaged in a substantial amount of censorship over the last several years, and now a type of censorship is coming from within the Texas House itself.

Slaton continued, saying:

“It amazes me that information about State tax dollars being spent training medical students to gender-transition children is being silenced. Apparently discussing this important topic is too controversial and inflammatory. And yet, you can go on the House website and find inflammatory remarks being made about other members recorded in the video broadcasts and the official House Journal. You can find press releases from other members discussing controversial topics like Supreme Court decisions and attacks on the recent election integrity legislation. You can even find press releases published on the website that violate the “objective policy guidelines,” like the prohibitions on ‘self-promotion’ and ‘reference to political parties.’ I hope the censorship of certain topics, and even the censorship of certain words and phrases used to describe such topics, will be remedied in the near future.”

(This press release has been submitted for publication on the House website since it does not explicitly call child gender modification any unapproved adjectives.)


Representative Bryan Slaton is a strong conservative, a proud East Texan, a former Pastor for 13 years, and a small business owner. He

currently represents Texas House District 2 which includes Hunt, Hopkins and Van Zandt Counties.

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