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   America, Stand on the Word of God                             


My original title to this was “Will America Stand on the Word of God?” That idea came to me after listening to our distinguish president say, that if the Republicans won the November election, and passed bills against abortion, He would Veto every bill!

Others have been saying that democrats will win the election by pushing the so called “Woman’s right to an Abortion.”  Even the head of the RNC is worried that too much money is being sent to the Democrats for the coming election, because of the abortion issue.

When the Supreme Court voted in favored of abortion in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, it showed they did not stand on God’s Word.  Then Congress followed suit and did nothing to over-turn that ungodly decision.  So, they too, did not stand on God’s Word.

Future Supreme Court decisions extended the original 12-weeks to up till the time babies were born.

Even now, after America has spilled the human blood of live babies by murdering around sixty-five million, male and female babies, Americans still want to continue the horrendous mass murder of babies.  Sick, Sick, Sick!

Some would question why I call them human babies, when they prefer to call them fetuses, or other names.  But the Word of God is clear that, God, at conception, puts a spirit into the fertilized egg, giving it life, as tiny as it might be, and then He starts forming the baby.  Obviously, only God could have formed each unique person like you and me!

America has become so ungodly, as we know, that we Americans have done a terrible job, when it comes to standing on “The Word of God.”

Supreme Court judges are just one example.  When they could have easily said we have to stand on the word of God, and He said, “Thou Shall not Murder” innocent human beings.

Wonder where those foolish souls are, that used to say, “It is the Law of the Land” every time the Supreme Justices made ungodly decisions, such as abortion, and evicting God out of schools and government places.

God still is waiting to forgive those who have taken part in the murder of those babies.  Jesus can cleanse you of all sins if you seek Him.

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