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by James A. Marples

I am no prude. I know that politicians can occasionally get perturbed and use the occasional cuss word to express disdain. However, over my lifetime, I have come to realize that it takes more strength for a person to withhold saying a dirty word than to to fling it out for public ears. Furthermore, a mild curse word might be overlooked and forgiven, yet the strongest of profanities beginning with the letters “f”, “c”, “s” or “mf” are hallmarks of a chronic cusser and of a small mind, with an equally small vocabulary.
For Beto O’Rourke to blurt-out to a Uvalde heckler in Mineral Wells: “It May Be Funny to you Mother******, But It’s Not Funny To Me” shows that Beto is an obnoxious arrogant simpleton of a man. He isn’t worthy of running for dog-catcher, let alone governor. A person with such an extreme filthy tongue has an equally contaminated dirty mind. Beto O’Rourke may have sparked momentary pizzazz but he is merely showing how unfit his temper and mindset are. Statesmanship requires finesse, and that is one “f-word” Beto doesn’t know the definition of.  It is always best for clean language in all public discourse.  Not only when women and children are present, but all the time.  Having a habit of clean language helps a person avoid Freudian slip-ups.  Clean language goes a long way.

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