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JIM ‘PAPPY’ MOORE: Twitter Twits & Nitwits All Atweeter

By Jim “Pappy” Moore


twits: a silly annoying person

nitwit: a scatterbrained or stupid person

atwitter: nervously concerned


Twitter is a company that has been run into the ground by bad management which cost its shareholders billions of dollars by prioritizing politics over profit. In the past year Twitter has cost its shareholders over 40% of the value of Twitter’s stock. They did so by running off or suspending many of their users. The Twitter management and its crew of infantile enforcers want no dissent from the political opinions the Twitter team finds acceptable. Censorship of thought and word are harshly enforced by these foot soldiers of Orwell’s “1984” world.


Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter and made an offer which the Twitter board accepted. Musk asked for data to substantiate Twitter’s claims of legitimate accounts. While admitting that it had many accounts which were either duplicates or bots or useless accounts, Twitter failed to provide Musk the information he requested. He therefore called the purchase off and Twitter sued him to enforce the agreement. 


There are online claims that Twitter has upwards of 500 million members, but Musk said recently he believes there are only about 16 million active accounts. Given Twitter’s penchant for silencing accounts which speak truth about the Covid vaccine, it is not surprising that the number of active accounts has dwindled drastically. From Donald Trump to candidates who run against incumbent Democrats to the thousands of doctors who have called into question the treatment regimen for Covid, Twitter has suspended them all.


At the price per share Elon Musk pegged for purchase, Twitter stock was valued collectively at $44 billion. That was at a number $54.20 a share. Since Musk pulled his offer, Twitter has fallen back to $41.06 per share. That’s a drop of 25% of the company’s value. In total over the past year Twitter has lost over 40% of its value, from $70 per share to only $41 per share. Why has this happened?


While the Musk purchase was pending, the Twitter management and its army of woke and largely ignorant worker bees were on their good behavior. As soon as the deal fell through, the minions went crazy dishing out their harsh treatment of conservatives in general, and anyone who did not toe the narrative lines regarding politics and all things Covid. Like prison guards paid by the lashes they deal out, the “moderators” imposed their will on users, driving many away, suspending others.


All of these despicable actions will be shown in court to indicate why Twitter has lost value. The truth about their many phony accounts will also come out in trial. It is a well-known practice for many of the more liberal members to have many accounts which they use to give the appearance of more support for Democrat positions than truly exist. Often called “sock puppet” accounts, the liberal bot army employs their multiple accounts to harass those who hold opinions they find unacceptable, as well as to give the appearance of more support for some political position than exists. It is common to see many, many tweets on Twitter which use exactly the same language, word for word.  Some warn of the horrors which befall those who do not get their 5th Covid vaccine. Some laud lavish praise upon various Democrats.


It is believed that as many as half of Joe Biden’s followers are bogus. They appear to be accounts created for the sole purpose of following Joe Biden. It is believed that bot farms are used to deploy these phony accounts to stuff the Twitter “ballot box” with false claims of support. 


It is ironic that Twitter has chosen to sue Elon Musk to enforce their agreement. They would not give him information in negotiation they will be required to give him as part of the discovery for the case they have filed. Twitter will have to acknowledge in court its many bogus accounts. 


Twitter stock has likely not hit bottom yet. That is probably coming. Do not be surprised if Twitter stock has fallen below $40 a share before this year is over. One way or another, Twitter will likely come under new management in the next year. Either Musk and Twitter will reach an agreement for his acquisition, or the company will collapse to the point someone else takes it over. The good news is the likelihood is great that the operations will not remain under the control of the Twitter twits and nitwits who have run it into the ground.


Free speech will prevail, and the company will blossom under new leadership which is beholden to shareholder value instead of employee politics.  


Copyright 2022, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.


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