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Rep. Slaton Issues Statement on the Selection of Counties for 2022 County Election Audits  

GREENVILLE – Today, the Texas Secretary of State announced the four counties that were randomly selected for the 2022 county election audits, as required by Representative Slaton’s Amendment to SB 1, the Election Integrity bill. Audits will begin in Cameron, Eastland, Guadalupe, and Harris Counties. This officially begins the rotation of randomized election audits after every general election.


Rep. Slaton commented, saying:


“Today, the Secretary of State released the four counties, two small and two large, that will be audited after the November Elections. These randomized audits, which will continue to occur on a regular basis after every general election, will be an important tool to ensure that our Texas Elections are completely free and fair.


I am grateful to all of my colleagues in the Texas House who joined with me to make sure that my amendment to SB 1, which made these audits possible, was successfully adopted and incorporated into Texas Law. I look forward to working with the Secretary of State and my colleagues in the Legislature to continue to make sure that all Texans can freely vote and trust the outcomes.”

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