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White Oak Cemetery has new board

A new board for the White Oak Cemetery is taking action and working diligently to care for both cemeteries.

It is comprised of descendants of the pioneering families of White Oak or long-time residents of White Oak.

Additionally, these board members have family interred at one or both cemeteries and have a heart for the heritage that built White Oak.

Board members include Terrie Mogavero, president; Randy Pullen, vice-president; Laurie Beason, secretary/treasurer; directors, Selina Tabor, director/historian, Lynn Perkins, Mike Pullen and Dwayne Tuttle.

The board is requesting the help of those who have purchased lots at either cemetery within the past five years.

Please contact them and if possible provide a copy of your paperwork or certificates to enable the most current documentation and charting for the cemeteries.

You may send copies of your information to: White Oak Cemetery, 150 W. Whatley Rd., White Oak, TX 75693 or email:

Lastly, operating funds for the cemeteries are of immediate concern.

Please consider a donation to White Oak Cemetery, Inc. that will benefit the upkeep of the cemetery.  You may mail your donation to: White Oak Cemetery Inc., 150 W. Whatley Rd. White Oak, TX 75693 or contact any of the new board members to donate.

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