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The Time is Now for Cannabis Reform

Texas has failed to lead, and Texans are ready for change.

Austin, Texas, July 20 — Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is calling for the state of Texas to fully legalize compassionate use for all Texans who would benefit from this medicine. Commissioner Miller successfully led the effort to legalize commercial hemp, which has been a boon to Texas agriculture.

While compassionate use would also benefit farmers, the far greater benefit will be to those suffering from any of the many conditions for which cannabis has been identified to be proper medicine. Lawful, regulated access is an imperative for Texas healthcare.

39 states, including solid conservative states like Oklahoma, Utah, and Florida, have legalized cannabis for compassionate use.

Texas currently has a compassionate use program, but it should be far more robust, and accessible to everyone with a medical need.

According to Commissioner Miller, In a free society, government needs strong reasons to make something illegal. With what we know today, cannabis should be available as medicine to every Texan who would benefit. The vast majority of Texans across political lines agree. The time is now.”

Commissioner Miller calls on the Texas legislature to make universal access to compassionate use cannabis a top priority, and asks other elected state leaders to join him and millions of Texans in this effort.


Sid Miller serves as the Texas Agriculture Commissioner. He is currently running for reelection.
Find the previously unreleased campaign compassionate use op-ed at

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