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Public Notice


The Upshur County Shared Service Arrangement (UCSSA) which is comprised of the Big Sandy, Gilmer, Gladewater, Harmony, New Diana, Union Grove, and Union Hill Independent School Districts, proposes to destroy all out-of-date Special Education records contained in the eligibility folders of students who were dismissed from the program through July, 2015. Also included in this purging will be records of students who were tested and did not qualify for special education services as well as records of those who qualified but were not placed. These records are presently maintained in the UCSSA office located at 406 N Bledsoe Street, Gilmer, TX. 75644, and include referral information, educational, psychological, medical, admission review and dismissal committee minutes, individual educational plans, and classroom observation data. It is our responsibility to inform you that these records may be needed for social security benefits or other purposes and that it may be to your benefit to obtain them. Those who prefer that their records not be destroyed should send a written request to: Chelle Hammond, Compliance Specialist or Angie Hargett, Office Manager, Upshur County Shared Service Arrangement, 406 N Bledsoe, Gilmer, TX. 75644 before September 1, 2022. For additional information, call (903) 843-5575.

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