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.tx is the domain for Texas, now available on Namecheap 

The adoption continues for .tx after recently being listed on Namecheap. Namecheap serves millions of customers and is the 2nd largest domain name registrar in the world after GoDaddy.

Some Texans have likened .tx as Texas digital real estate, seeing that domains were considered as the first digital real estate. The 1990’s was the time to get 1-word .com domains, which are now worth 6-figures on average. Since .tx recently launched in 2021, there are premium 1-word .tx domains available for a little more than a cup of coffee. Namecheap has confirmed that there will be a secondary marketplace for .tx domain owners to buy or sell.

Hey tx is the custodian of the .tx domain, which is made possible through a decentralized naming protocol called Handshake. Nole Oppermann, the founder of Hey tx and a native Texan, said that .tx represents Texas, freedom, and Texan values.

.tx establishes a brand for Texas online for all Texans and Texas businesses. This is also about empowering Internet users to control their online experience, instead of the manipulation and censorship that’s prevalent online today.

Not only can .tx domains be used as websites, there are other use cases for them to be used as usernames and as a single-click login across online accounts. These censorship-resistant names will help protect freedom of speech and expression online, which is crucial for the advancement of society.

Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) President, Lee Bratcher, had this to say: “The TBC is thrilled that our member company Hey tx is being listed on the Namecheap registrar. Hey tx is a decentralized service managing the .tx top level domain. Their leveraging of Handshake, which uses a proof of work consensus mechanism further aligns them with decentralization, freedom, and Texas values.”

The top 100 cities in Texas (eg. Houston.tx) have been reserved and can be claimed by a respective city representative. If interested in learning more, check out and get your own .tx domains at

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