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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: Kids Are Dogs, Teenagers Are Cats

By Jim “Pappy” Moore

Young children are like dogs. They want to go with you everywhere you go. They act like they haven’t seen you in a week when you return. They are often too rambunctious and want to play too much.  They eat like an animal.  They’re excitable.  And they want to slobber on you.

Teenagers are like cats. Most of the time you get the feeling they just want to be left alone.  When they do come around, they tend to be apart even when they’re socializing with you.  They’ll show some true affection, but much of the time it’s either “hey, where’s my food” or “why are you looking at me?”  

Little kids, like dogs, make messes because they’re sometimes uncoordinated.  They don’t contemplate the reaction of other objects when they jump on them.  They don’t realize that jumping on Dad in his chair will make his bowl of cereal spill everywhere.  But they’re so excited and happy just to see you, what can you really do? 

Cats and teenagers. They don’t need you. And they want you to know it. Of course, they do need you, and they do know it, and they will show it, but not like a dog or a little kid.  Cats and teenagers will act like they’re not there to socialize with you, but will be offended if you ignore them. 

Like dogs, little kids can infuriate you with their overabundance of energy, their obsession playing the same thing over and over, and their ability to wear you out by doing so.
“Want to play catch with the ball, boy?”
“How many times, boy?” 

Like teenagers, cats can have awkward moments, clumsy moments, when their attention to what is going on gives way to their attention to how they look right now.  Cats and teenagers are both likely to stare at any mirror they pass, judging and/or praising their own image.
“Do I look good?
Yeah, I look GOOD.”

Teenagers and cats. Both self-centered, sleep for long periods of time, and are given to going off to themselves for time not socializing with others.  Dogs? They’re not just your friend. They’re your stalker. 
“Where you goin’?
Can I go, too?
When will you be back?
Are you seeing any other dogs while you’re gone?!  

Maybe I’m exaggerating and over generalizing, but maybe I’m onto something.

Copyright 2022, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.

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