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Sting Ray Anthony ‘Get Ready To Shake Rattle & Roll’

Known as a legend in Vegas, Sting Ray Anthony is famous for his Ritchie Valens tribute shows, delivering high energy covers of popular rock and roll songs from the ‘50s and ‘60s.  For the upcoming show at the Gilmer Civic Center, he will be joined by the Shake Rattle and Roll Quartet. The Quartet is an all female East Texas tribute show group. These performers will offer guests an evening to enjoy music from the era of Elvis, along with humor and audience participation.

“Having these ladies open up for me and sing background vocals really adds a lot to the show,” said Anthony. Shake Rattle and Roll members tour across the nation, and also perform in Germany and Switzerland. Aside from singing harmonies, they use hula hoops and choreographed moves as well as comedy to enhance the experience.

Anthony describes himself as an old school entertainer from Las Vegas. He plays a game during the first half of the show called Stump the Chump. Audience members are invited to call out a favorite Elvis song and he “opens up the mental safe and pulls out the file”. He says he has’t been stumped yet.

Anthony’s mother turned him onto Elvis when he was ten years old, inspiring him to pick up  the guitar. Once he started playing rock and roll, he began a career that has led him across the world to perform for more than four decades. Anthony’s first gig was in Canada for an Elvis impersonator, who he wound up touring with for years.

When the movie La Bamba came out in 1987, Anthony’s fans continually compared him to Lou Diamond Phillips. This spurred his entry into the Ritchie Valens tribute scene. He toured the U.S. with Legends in Concert, and then joined The Winter Dance Party, who he played with for more than 20 years. Anthony has performed across America, and in Ireland and Mexico.

“I’m very lucky. I’ve met and played with many of my music idols, including Chubby Checker and Pat Boone. I started the Juke Box Rocks show about ten years ago, and that has allowed me to splurge and show off my guitar skills,” said Anthony. He currently performs on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale Florida. The 2022 lineup includes Checker, Darlene Love, Frankie Avalon, and Bill Haley and the Comets.

To purchase tickets to see Sting Ray Anthony and Shake Rattle and Roll at 7pm July 16th call 832-312-0074.  To find out more about Sting Ray Anthony, find his videos on Youtube, read his bio on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise at

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