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Revered Education Firm Moak Casey Announces Expanded Leadership  

AUSTIN- Texas’ leading public school consulting firm Moak Casey welcomes a new executive  team to lead the organization. The legacy firm, revered by those in education policy, will  continue to serve school district leaders and policymakers in school finance and accountability.  The company was acquired on July 1, 2022, by Dr. Buck Gilcrease, CEO; State Representative  Dan Huberty (R-Humble), board member; Charles Clines, chairman of the board; Chris  Huckabee, board member; and Charles Butt, investor.  

“Those of us who have been in education policy for many years know Lynn Moak and Dan  Casey. Their work at Moak Casey created a blueprint for our education system in Texas. We  want the firm to be known not only for the legacy they have achieved but for what our future will  bring to individual school districts – because nothing’s more important than making sure that we  have a solid education system for all of our children in the State of Texas,” said State Rep. Dan  Huberty, Moak Casey board member.  

Moak Casey will continue to serve as an independent source of high-quality, data-driven public  education information that is useful to school district leaders and policymakers. The firm, in its  25th year, provides up-to-the minute research and analyses of issues impacting public school  finance, accountability and assessment, economic development, and other areas of education to  help clients smoothly navigate the complexities of the Texas Legislature. 

“We’re looking forward to everything this new leadership team will accomplish for public  education in Texas. Moak Casey has become the true expert on education finance and  accountability, and this next generation at the firm is a diverse group of influential leaders who  believe in the importance of preserving a company that helps solve complex problems for school  districts and children,” said Charles Clines, Moak Casey chairman of the board. 

Moak Casey founder Lynn Moak will retire following the acquisition. Founding partner Dan  Casey plans to continue his role at the firm to help usher in the new executive staff. 

“We are thrilled to welcome this new generation of leaders to the firm. We consider this  incoming team as visionaries in education and business, and that’s critical because their vision  is going to help determine the fate of public education in the State moving forward,” said Dan  Casey, Moak Casey founding partner.  

Moak Casey offers clients customizable and comprehensive services including academics,  assessments, accountability, school finance, economic development, legislative, and strategic  thought, design, and continuous improvement services.  

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