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NRA member calls for regulation

Let us take a stand this time!

I am all for gun rights. I believe in the second amendment, but as all rights there must be a limit. We have reached that limit. Twenty-one lives in Uvalde are too many.

As a lifetime member of the NRA, we must decide. How many lives are we willing to sacrifice upon the altar of an absolute right to own a gun?

I say not one more!

Let us be reasonable about this. No, hell no I do not want to take anyone’s gun(s) away nor give up mine. We must take reasonable steps to limit the availability of access to guns.

No one under the age of 21 (if it me 25 years old) should be able to owe a gun. Being young is difficult now more than ever. If you cannot drink or smoke, then how can we grant you a right to own a gun?

We cannot continue to look away. Reading and seeing the faces of these children was just too much for me. We all have children, loved ones and everyone else around us. Its time we really start to care for one another.

Baldomero Garza

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  1. Thomas Lee Simpson on June 8, 2022 at 9:30 am

    I share your sympathy for the victims murdered at Robb Elementary. But guns are but the means used to inflict harm on others. Other mass killers have used trucks, cars, knives, and bombs, to achieve their intentions. We didn’t ban the pressure cooker used in the Boston Marathon that killed 3 and wounded hundreds. The Parkland school shooting that left 19 children dead turned out to be the result of the failure of police and FBI to intervene when they could have. The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was another teen with a troubled past who should NOT have been in possession of a gun. But authorities were reluctant to take action citing President Obama’s Promise program that set teens apart from laws on the books when it came to enforcement. Cruze’s home was visited 36 times by sheriffs who responded to disturbances caused by Cruz. The FBI was also alerted by a concerned woman who saw Cruze’s social media posts bragging of what he intended to do. Yet the FBI did not investigate. These failures by law enforcement point not to the weapon Cruz used to cause of death of 19 children but the failure of law enforcement to enforce the laws we already have. We should also address the culture of death that children are confronted with every day by the entertainment industry. Point and shoot killer video programs such as Fortnight and Grand Theft Auto are literally scooping up millions of children worldwide on the internet. Mostly boys, they are literally being trained to embrace the act of killing. But state and federal authorities do nothing while companies like Rock Star Video hides behind the First Amendment. Unless we get serious and deal with these serious problems school shootings will continue and all you will have accomplished is turning millions of law-abiding citizens into potential criminals for owning AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, which by the way, are not weapons of war. There is no army on earth equipped with the AR-15.

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