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Conservative initiatives to battle gun violence

1. Death penalty, included expedited execution when the crime is murder with a gun and the evidence is absolute, irrefutable.  Execution within six months of arrest which means an expedited trial.
2. Conviction of crime which included a gun removes any chance of parole, or early release.  Second conviction is automatic life sentence with no parole.
3. Immediate dismissal of a District Attorney, by the Governor of a state, if the DA refuses to enforce laws.
4. Deportation of any illegal in possession of a gun.
5. School administration is financially responsible for the safety of their children.
6. Gun safety classes in public school should be made a requirement for graduation.  The gun safety course should begin with an explanation of the Second Amendment and the reasons the Founders and the nation felt a need for the Second Amendment…based on the original supportive arguments for the Second Amendment
7. Teachers should be encouraged to arm themselves to protect the children.
8.  Local militias, under the control of the County Sheriff should be formed for two purposes; to provide security for schools, and to act as armed support to over watch Police.
9. The Bible should re-introduced to public school and familiarization with Christianity as the moral and spiritual foundation of this nation and citizenship.
Proposed by Mark Vogl

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