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Trips with Cats: A Purr-fect idea? Why traveling with your favorite feline is easier and than you might think 

From tips, to travel gear, to hotel recommendations, everything related to pet travel seems to revolve around the canine set, leaving some cat parents to wonder whether it’s possible to take their beloved furkids along on trips.
The good news is, traveling with cats is not only possible–it’s very doable. In fact, a growing number of cat parents are planning trips with Fluffy in mind.
Why cats travel less
Cat parents do take fewer trips with their feline furkids, partly because cats are naturally less inclined to like crates and car rides, and partly because their independence and self-sufficiency makes it easier to have them stay home.
That said, people increasingly want to travel with their kitties.
“We get a lot of inquiries asking about cat travel,” says Kim Salerno, Founder and CEO of “There’s definitely a growing interest in hotels, destinations, and activities that accommodate cats.”
It’s not that different
Cat parents may be surprised to learn that many travel considerations are the same for both cats and dogs. Like any dog, your ability to bring your cat along on a trip depends largely on his temperament. Some cats love adventures and car rides, while others are skittish, or loathe being confined to carriers. If your cat is easygoing but in poor health, or unaccustomed to safety restraints, it’s best to leave him home until those issues are resolved.
Does ‘pet-friendly’ include cats?
If you have a travel-happy cat, there are plenty of places that will welcome your feline. Many hotels that allow dogs also allow cats. Always be mindful of pet fees, restrictions, and rules about leaving cats unattended in the room.
As far as activities are concerned, cats are able to go pretty much anywhere dogs can go: hiking trails, pet-friendly beaches, outdoor festivals, pet-friendly stores, and more. You can even sit on restaurant patios with your cat.
Keep kitty safe
Wherever you take your cat, make sure he’s restrained by a leash or a carrier. Backpack carriers are a great option; they’ll keep your cat safe and secure and your hands free.
Remember that ‘pet-friendly’ means dogs will likely be present, and monitor accordingly. Never take your cat anywhere dogs are allowed off-leash.
In short, with a little preparation and planning, and care you really can take your best cat companion along for just about any ride!
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