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May 1st is “Law Day”

By James A. Marples

Back when my parents were in their youth, young kids used to celebrate May 1 as “May Day.” It was a throwback to the ancient custom of singing, dancing and eating cake, marking what ancient cultures thought was the first day of summer.

Young girls especially would dance around the maypole, which is a tall wooden pole, and each girl would hold streamers which would fan out like a tent. This custom was primarily Germanic, but spread to other nations such as Malta, Italy, England, Ireland and the United States.

In another context, May 1 is also generally regarded as “Law Day.” The day is designed to celebrate the role of law in our society and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the legal system. Back on May 1, 1982, (some 40 years ago) I was a member of “The Law Appreciation Class” of Wichita Consistory.  It consisted of 119 men, the oldest was about age 85 and the youngest was age 18 (me). 
America is a nation built upon laws. It helps keep people stay in an orderly mindset and is the lubricant of civilized life. Without law and order, we would have chaos. The late Judge Charles Clyde Myers of Esbon, Kansas (and later of Kansas City, Kansas) noted that “Civilized man is obliged to obey the moral law.” That means the laws of Almighty God. Our codified written law is largely based on God’s moral laws.
— James A. Marples

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