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By James A. Marples
I read news item about President Biden’s choice for a new Supreme Court justice, Ketajnji Brown Jackson being confirmed by the full Senate. She will only officially take her oath-of-office sometime in the summer when Justice Stephen Breyer officially retires.. 

While I have nothing against her, I am disappointed that President Biden, by his own doing, limited his choices to only an African-American woman need apply. By doing that, President Biden was tossing the notion of “merit” out the window. 

There may have been white women, white men, Hispanics, Asians, males and females of all heritages who may have had great qualities and skills, but they weren’t part of the selection-process due to Biden’s reckless demographic specifications. A Supreme Court Justice is there to “weigh law” not “make law”. Nor are they there to fit a demographic mold nor be a fashion setter just due to popularity. True justice needs to be colorblind and based on merit, and merit regardless of a candidate’s race/gender/education/or national origins. That calls for the best-qualified in decision-rendering.

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