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Slash Your Property Tax with PropertyAxe

At a glance:
  • Only 17% of property owners protest their property taxes in Texas each year
  • Texas set for record property tax increase of 20-35% in 2022
  • For $49 annually, property owners can use the PropertyAxe website to protest their home’s property taxes themselves.
  • Technology developed by Geekdom co-founder, Nick Longo & Geekdom members


APRIL 14 — SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio-based PropertyAxe is changing the way homeowners save on their property taxes. Utilizing its proprietary technology, PropertyAxe allows property owners to protest their property taxes online in 10 minutes with just a few simple button clicks, all for just $49 a year — one-tenth of the cost of a traditional protest with a company!


The brainchild of Geekdom co-founder, Nick Longo, PropertyAxe allows Texas property owners to easily compare unequal property values in their surrounding area, compile an evidence report, file a 2-minute protest form, and manage the protest process. PropertyAxe users can even file for family and friends, all from one account for only $20/per home each.
“We’re here to save property owners money,” said Longo. “People are going to be shocked when they receive their 2022 property tax appraisals. They are looking at 20-35% increases from last year. This especially hurts renters as well, as rental property owners will likely pass these costs onto tenants. Our software allows people to skip the red tape and make their voices heard.”
With 50 counties available through the PropertyAxe software today, including some of Texas’ largest counties – like Travis and Bexar — and more being added every day, PropertyAxe can help Texas residents in nearly any region of the state. The database currently lists over 10 million properties statewide.
“This is a game-changer for the 83% of residents who don’t protest their taxes because they don’t know they can, don’t know how, or don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy,” Longo added. “We are putting the power back in the hands of the property owner, which is how it should be.”
Rackspace and Geekdom co-founder, Graham Weston, offered his thoughts on PropertyAxe and its positive impact on Texas homeowners.

“It’s great to see Geekdom members and our co-founder Nick Longo working together on real-world problems that affect homeowners in San Antonio and all of Texas,” said Weston.


He added, “Creating online software like makes it faster and easier to protest your property taxes and could not have come at a better time as home prices have risen 10%-50% this year in Texas.”


To file your protest or inquire about real estate pro accounts, visit or email –

About PropertyAxe
PropertyAxe is the property owner’s one-stop shop for protesting property taxes. Using proprietary technology, PropertyAxe allows property owners to locate their property quickly, build comparisons, compile evidence reports, store property photos, and file and manage protest filings. At a cost of just one-tenth of traditional property tax protests, PropertyAxe saves users time and money. To get started visit

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