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TJC, UT Tyler sign articulation agreement for multiple fields of study

Presidents and provosts of TJC and UT Tyler signed an articulation agreement that allows TJC students to seamlessly transfer to UT Tyler to complete baccalaureate degrees in multiple fields of study.

Those signing the agreement included TJC President Juan E. Mejia, UT Tyler President Kirk A. Calhoun, TJC Provost Deana Sheppard and UT Tyler Provost Amir Mirmiran. The ceremony took place Monday at TJC’s main campus.

The new partnership also establishes priority deadlines for admissions and scholarship notification by UT Tyler to TJC transferring students, and will help facilitate student services, scholarships and honors programs.

Mejia CalhounTJC President Dr. Juan E. Mejia (left) and UT Tyler President Dr. Kirk A. Calhoun

The agreement is part of the Texas Transfer Alliance through the Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin and is grant-funded.

More than 40 fields of study are included in the agreement between the two institutions which allows students multiple academic pathways from which to choose.

• Multiple pathways between TJC and the UT Tyler Soules College of Business, including options from TJC’s Business AA as well as a renewed partnership between the TJC Business Management AAS and UT Tyler’s Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development.

• Pathways in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields including biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering and mathematics.

• Healthcare pathways in nursing, occupational therapy and others.

• Social sciences pathways, such as psychology, sociology, social work, history, government and economics

• Fine and performing arts pathways in art and music

• Pathways to prepare educators in general education, kinesiology, art and music

• Development of pathways from Associate of Applied Science degrees to multiple options for Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science degrees at UT Tyler.

Sheppard MirmiranTJC Provost Dr. Deana Sheppard and UT Tyler Provost Dr. Amir Mirmiran sign the articulation agreement between the two institutions of higher education.

Dr. Juan E. Mejia, TJC president, said, “Providing everyone access to higher education is something we must do here. One of TJC’s pillars from our strategic plan includes authentic partnerships. These are not partnerships where we win and someone loses, or vice versa, but where there is an environment of authentic win-wins, at scale, and where everybody wins. We must leverage synergistic opportunities leading to our communities becoming the overall winners. We have an unwavering focus to provide a positive impact to degree attainment, economic development, social mobility and a great quality of life. Now, why is today of paramount importance? Because what we do will benefit generations to come, and we can truly affect change for the better right here, right now.”

Dr. Kirk A. Calhoun, UT Tyler president, said, “We are fortunate to collaborate with exceptional community colleges, and TJC is certainly at the top of that list. Individually, we are each a great educational resource, but when we work together with the students’ best interests at heart, we are an extraordinary resource for East Texas.”


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