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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: Finding God in Nature



The wind whips across the open water of the lake, causing white caps.  A thousand birds in the water take off in unison and immediately form a pattern programmed somewhere inside their individual brains and collective genes.  To me, this is God.  In nature, all is genius, all is perfect.


Life is a miracle.  The complexity of even the simplest animal is more compelling than any robot built by humans.  The caterpillar that becomes the butterfly.  The dragonfly, the beaver, the penguin, the kangaroo, the alligator.  These are beings of perfection, made so well for the job that nature gave them.


Deep inside DNA is a program for replication that drives living things to grow and come to life according to a designed pattern.  The process does not always result in perfect beings, but it does produce beings that share the traits of almost every other such being of its species on the planet.  


Are we to believe this all came about as a result of chance interactions, devoid of any outside direction?  Is there no room for God in science?


Science and God are inseparable.  They are not in competition or opposing forces.  God put in place the very laws of science that bind us together in this world, this universe.  Science has obvious flaws in finding truth, however.  Science is designed to determine that which can be proved, and salute that result as truth.  However, by its nature science is never absolute truth.  It is limited because of all the knowledge that is yet unknown, unproven to humans.  


God is everything we do not yet understand, and more.


Skeptics who worship only the scientific method miss the point.  One who requires proof of all things will never see things that are yet unproven.  We have an imagination for a reason, and that imagination has discovered – not created – all the science we have.  The science that supports the knowledge was there before some human could discover it, could hypothesize it, and prove it to the satisfaction of other humans.  


Science is proof that humans have finally agreed that some tidbit of knowledge and truth which has always been there is now known to us.  Science is therefore a recordation of what we have proven to ourselves, and Faith is therefore a recordation of things we cannot prove, but still believe.


God is a universal God.  One size fits all.  He is not anathema to science.  He is science undiscovered.


Copyright 2007, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.

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  1. Lyle Witherell on February 28, 2022 at 2:01 am

    Good column. Thanks for explaining life to science only people.

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