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Texans for Vaccine Freedom is thrilled to announce the relaunch of its website, TFVF invites visitors to explore the website and learn about the fight for vaccine freedom.

The website features an email opt-in allowing those interested to stay connected with TFVF alerts, news, issue awareness, and important communications. Additionally, those interested in contributing towards the fight to promote vaccine choice in Texas and across the country can make a donation while visiting the website. Other features include a press mailing list and a speaker request form.

Jackie Schlegel, Executive Director of Texans for Vaccine Freedom, issued the following statement:

“Now more than ever, our personal medical choices are threatened by government overreach. We have seen many hard-working Americans left with the tough decision, take a vaccine or face job termination. In cities across the nation, people are barred from entering restaurants if they are not vaccinated. These situations directly contradict the values of freedom and self-determination that make our country so great, and we at Texans for Vaccine Freedom refuse to stay silent. We are excited about the rollout of our new website and hope that you stay connected with us as we have a huge announcement coming soon.”

About Texans for Vaccine Freedom:

Texans for Vaccine Freedom is a 501(c)(3) organization established by Texans concerned about government overreach into our private medical choices. TFVF is proud to lead the way in defending and promoting vaccine freedom of choice in Texas, free from political interference. For more information visit

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  1. Mary Ann Hays on October 5, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    Perhaps you already know, but the globalist are trying to push the WHO onto the U.S. Biden signed us on of course without our permission. They are planning on very soon establishing their authority over our health care especially for Pandemics, and emergencies. This corrupt organization is an arm of the UN. which is planning on establishing World Government on all nations including the U.S. There are bills in Congress to stop this but they are stuck in committees. I have called and contacted Congress but there has been no movement toward a vote. I am trying to make a wider number of people aware of this danger. They will decide and mandate shots as they see fit, no exceptions, decide what medications are allowed and not allowed. They are going to require vaccine passports, and are already at work at setting up their work at our ports of entry. This is Unconstitutional. The senate has to vote on all treaties with a majority in favor. Biden is not asking the Senate to read it, advise or consent. He knows they won’t. He likes to call it an agreement, just like Obama did with the Paris Climate Accord. It will have the force of international law if we don’t stop it. Silence give Consent. We avoided the vaccine at least some of us in the past, but that will be over from that point on. So many people have died since the jab. It is considered by a number of researchers, Phds., MD. etc to be a biological weapon.

    You can find more about it at Liberty Counsel Action, Please alert others. We have to work together to stop this ASAP. House Resolution 79, WHO Withdrawal Act requires the President to immediately withdraw the U.S. from the WHO and prohibits using any federal funds to provide for U.S. participation This bill remains in committee and so cannot be voted on. Senate Bill S444 is the NO WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval which of course requires a vote by the Senate. It remains in committee as well and cannot be voted on.

    If it were not for Liberty Counsel, I would not know about this situation. There is a total shut down on this in the news. I know the American people would make their voices heard if they knew what was in the works. We are close to losing our sovereignty. We must make some Noise and Soon about this situation. Thank you for doing the hard work you have already done and God bless you. “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. I would love to hear back from you regarding your thoughts or suggestions. Texas may be opposed to this globalist agenda, but I don’t know if there is not vote on if they will be able to oppose it. You see what has happened at the border when the federal government fails to uphold our immigration laws.

    Thank you for reading this long email.

    Mary Ann Hays

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