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Russian Gambit Analysis


Russia’s current initiative concerning the Ukraine and its future association with NATO is, in my opinion, a joint feint by both Russia, and more importantly the People’s Republic of China, concerning US war readiness, and leadership of the west in Europe.  While Russia has forward deployed 130,000 first rate troops, America and NATO have literally reacted with hundreds.  Further, the US and Europe have been very careful to not say they would defend Ukraine.  In fact, Biden’s warning to Americans in Ukraine to get out, would lead one to believe there would be no direct military reaction to an invasion.

The FAKE News has continued to paint Russia as the evil force, ready to act at any moment.  But the “sky is falling” warnings have gone on for a month with absolutely no aggressive actions being taken by the Russians.  The FAKE News has painted a narrative in America that is almost daring the Russians to move.

US News sources focus on the cost of deployment to the Russians as building pressure on them to act.  However, the instability and crisis mentality of America’s Fake news may have added to a weakening US economy, and inflation because of tightening fossil fuel resources.

Further the west is the side that is acting in a belligerent way.  If the US and EU were to say that there are no plans to expand NATO to include the Ukraine, that would seem to meet the Russian interest in the matter.  And when we look back at history, it was Hitler’s expansion that NATO’s expansion to Ukraine seems to mirror.  Ukraine is certainly no threat to the west.  Instead it presently sits as a buffer state between the Russians and NATO.

The other silent but big player here is China.  Some western voices have claimed the deployment of Russian forces is costing Russia a lot of money.  However, I am not sure how true that is, and have wondered whether the Chinese would pay any additional costs above the normal cost of these units.  Why?  Because China gains the opportunity to observe, gage and measure the Biden Administration’s character in a crisis.  Where Russia does not need to occupy Ukraine to gain its political objective, China is clearly interested in taking Taiwan.

The anemic and slow response by the American government and military to the Ukraine situation may be exactly what China was looking for.  In relative terms, US military forces, comprised mostly of naval and air in the Pacific may be much quicker in responding to a threat to Taiwan, but the question is, would Biden react faster?

There are indications from senior American military officials that the social experiments occurring within the American Armed Forces have substantial decreased the combat readiness of the American military.  When one considers the disaster of Afghanistan, it is very easy to question the operational readiness of America’s flag officers.

I take a risk here, not having any access to military or diplomatic current intercepts or knowledge of the weather for the next week in Ukraine, or other information that would help form an educated estimate of the situation.  But from my perspective on Rebel Mountain, the people most aggressively pushing Russian aggression is America’s FAKE news.

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