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A.D. Atholi Visits Gilmer


We loved visiting with these sweet ladies of Gilmer and enjoyed a great lunch as well as an inspiring message from Stanley Cofer, President of Texas Minority & Republican Coalition. We are thankful for the opportunity to share THE PLAN and give practical solutions for many issues in D.C.


In case you missed it, A.D. is the ONLY Oil & Gas, or Military, or America First P.A.C.T. endorsed candidate in this 4-way race for Louie Gohmert’s old seat!

Let’s win this race for our real grassroots candidate and elect A.D. to US Congress in TX-01!

To see more about our visit, click here:

To read more about A.D.’s platform, please click the website here:

WE NEED YOUR HELP to send a Constitutional Conservative to Congress, so please sign up to volunteer at for our upcoming Phone Banks that we are launching throughout the district!

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