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Texans for Vaccine Choice is calling on all Attorney General candidates to commit to pursuing civil rights complaints on behalf of Texans who’ve been fired or are being treated as second class citizens for making medical decisions.

Texans are still losing their jobs to vaccine mandates, being denied religious medical accommodations, and receiving degraded benefits in clear violations of their civil rights.

Historically, the federal government has used the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to bring claims on behalf of citizens for healthcare discrimination. It’s unlikely the Biden administration will do so when it comes to COVID vaccine mandates, so state Attorneys General need to step up.

The Texas Attorney General should sue using the state’s version of the EEOC, the Texas Workforce Commission’s Civil Rights Division.

This is an opening for any Attorney General and a public commitment to such a course of action will serve as an important indicator to Texans the seriousness with which each candidate will approach the role should they be elected.

Dozens of candidates have signed our pledge to ban vaccine mandates at all levels of state government and committed to an immediate special session. This is derivative of that pledge and a specific action that the AG can take.

We’ll be issuing similar tailored pledges for local candidates in the coming months ahead of local elections.

Individuals acting on behalf of pharmaceutical companies are currently trying to have Covid vaccines added to two schedules for Americans even as the efficacy of the vaccine is more and more questioned.

Texans expect their elected officials to protect the innocent. This pledge is a continuation of that long standing belief.

We have reached out to all candidates for Texas Attorney General to secure this commitment. We look forward to sharing those commitments at a later date.

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