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The Conspiracy to destroy the United States continues

By Mark Vogl

Continuous riots amounting to over 500 by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA causing hundreds of millions in damages and acting as the second prong in an assault against American small business.

Four years (2016 – 2020) of continuous political attacks against President Trump and his administration based on completely false allegations supported by federal agencies like the FBI, the American intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice.  This assault began with the false allegations against Lt. General Michael Flynn Trump’s national security adviser.  But it continued through Russia Gate and the first impeachment despite the refusal by more than 60 witnesses, (called by the Democrats where testimony was given behind closed doors) to provide one piece of evidence concerning President Trump and Russia.

Infiltration of the school districts across the nation to implant the propaganda narrative of Critical Race Theory side by side with gender confusion.

Deploy the COVID virus before the 2020 election to help create chaos within the American electoral process, while simultaneously disrupting the American economy and national psyche.  Use federal agencies to maintain a “crisis narrative” across the nation.  Creating a dysfunctional public school education system across the nation.

Make impotent the municipal police and judicial process that helps to create a crisis mentality in America’s major cities and attacks private small business ownership.  Evidence indicates that George Soros finances candidates who want to defund the police, remove bail requirements, and deny prosecution of crimes.

Corrupting the 2020 national election, through traditional and cyber means so as to insure the defeat of Donald Trump.  The entire American Judicial system refused to entertain even one of more than 80 lawsuits concerning allegations of election fraud.

Reversing successful Trump border policies, literally opening the border to illegals accounting for more than 2 million illegals in Biden’s first years.

Repeal pro-fossil fuel policies that enabled American energy independence – and attacking US economic foundations.  The policy is one of the sources of the highest rates of inflation since the 1970’s.

An embarrassing American retreat from Afghanistan, after twenty years, leaving behind more than 80 billion dollars of military equipment behind.

Who were involved in this grand conspiracy?

George Soros and other billionaires and business interests.

The People’s Republic of China

American Intelligence Community and other aspects of the Swamp

The Democrat Party and its associated political allies

America’s academia

Elements (RINO) within the Republican Party that include the Bush family, Romney, McCain, McConnell, Cornyn and others.

The mainstream media, first identified as the “drive by” media by Rush Limbaugh.

America’s unions.

America’s international corporations who put America second in their board room decisions.

America’s pharmaceutical and military industrial complex

And now, I can’t help but question FOX coverage of events in Canada…pushing out American stories and interests.

The single more important things that can be done now is to rally to former President Trump, primary and defeat RINO Republicans, and win both the House and Senate in 2022.  And be prepared to impeach both Biden and Harris once the Republicans gain a majority in both Houses.

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