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CNC Launches TV Ad Campaign: Save Energy Jobs

30-second Ad to Run in 10 Media Markets Across Texas

AUSTIN – The Carbon Neutral Coalition (CNC) is launching a 30-second television ad in 10 media markets in Texas. The ad, entitled “Save Energy Jobs,” focuses on Washington’s attack on the Lone Star State’s fossil fuel industry, and if plans like the Green New Deal are implemented, over 1 million Texans will be at risk of losing their jobs. The spot will run in the following media markets: Amarillo, Beaumont, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Laredo, Longview, Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, Tyler, Waco

“Washington progressives like Nancy Pelosi and AOC are seeking to eliminate the fossil fuel industry, risking over 1 million jobs in Texas alone,” said CNC Advisory Board Chairperson, Susan Combs. “That is why the Carbon Neutral Coalition has launched its ‘Save Energy Jobs’ campaign to show that Texas can improve its environmental future while preserving — and even expanding — energy jobs with smart policies and the latest technologies.”

Click here or on the picture below to view the ad:

Ad Facts for “Save Energy Jobs:”


“Texans know the oil and gas industry is key to our economy. Today progressives like Nancy Pelosi and AOC are working to destroy our energy industry, pushing policies like the Green New Deal to eliminate fossil fuels.”

  • Nancy Pelosi has called for a conversion from fossil fuels: “Now, recognizing what you said, we recognize that as well – and a big user of, of fuel.  There have been many initiatives over time, more successful with more technology, to convert from fossil fuel to other sources of fuel to run the military, because it would make the biggest difference.  Transportation, defense – these are two of the biggest – can make the biggest difference in all of that.  And that is something we’re very, very focused on.   As I say, the Defense Department sees this systemically, that we have to stop it as a national security issue.  And one way to do that is to stop our dependence on fossil fuels, which exacerbates the climate crisis.” (Nancy Pelosi, COP26 Remarks, 11/9/21)

  • AOC has praised cities divesting from fossil fuels: “Actually good, major climate news: today New York City is announcing its public pensions are fully divesting out of the fossil fuel industry and into renewables & climate – a massive shift of about $50 billion.” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Twitter 10/21/21)


“If successful, Texans will lose over a million jobs and our economy will suffer.”

  • The Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) estimates that the oil and gas industry supports 1.37 million direct and indirect jobs in the Lone Star State: “Direct oil and natural gas employment plus the industry’s spending on expenses such as capital goods, electricity, construction, services and supplies generates a total of 1.37 million Texas jobs.” (TXOGA 2021 Annual Energy & Economic Impact Report, 1/11/22)

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