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Representative Slaton Issues Statement Pledging to Re-File the Defend the Texas National Guard Act  

GREENVILLE, TEXAS – Representative Bryan Slaton of HD-2 released the following statement  regarding the rising tensions in Eastern Europe and the Texas National Guard: 

“With the threats of war looming in Eastern Europe, and the possibility of Joe Biden sending Americans  into harms-way, it is clear why the founders designed the Constitution to give Congress the duty of  declaring war, rather than one, senile old man. 

Last session I filed HB 2701, the Defend the Texas National Guard Act. This bill would have prohibited  the Texas National Guard from being deployed into active duty combat overseas, without a  constitutionally required declaration of War. 

Plank #302 of the Texas GOP platform specifically states in part: ‘The Texas National Guard should only  be deployed to overseas combat zones under authorization of Congress through a declaration of war.’ We  must demand that Congress do their job before the Biden administration deploys our sons and daughters  into another undeclared and unconstitutional war. If defending Ukraine and Eastern Europe requires  another sacrifice from the State of Texas, then Congress must debate this issue and vote for a proper  declaration of war, as required by Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Without it, the Texas  National Guard must stay home and defend our border and serve our State’s needs. 

I pledge to re-file the Defend the Texas National Guard Act next session, and I am calling on my  colleagues in the House and the Senate to pledge to support this legislation, so that all Texans can know  where we stand on this important issue.” 


Representative Bryan Slaton is a strong conservative, a proud East Texan, a former Pastor for 13 years, and a small business owner. He currently represents Texas House District 2 which includes Hunt, Hopkins and Van Zandt Counties.

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