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Gilmer author wins prestigious award

Gilmer author Nancy Hudgins, who writes under the pen name of Dana Wayne, recently received the prestigious 2021 Best Indie Book Award (BIBA®) for Contemporary Romance for her fourth book, Chasing Hope. 

An international literary award competition limited to independently (indie) published books, BIBA® recognizes outstanding achievement by independent authors from all over the world, including those from small presses, e-book publishers and self-published authors.

The first three tiers of a five-tier judging process focus on multiple writing skills including story-telling ability, author’s ability to engage the reader, transitions, hooks, pacing, skill with voice, character, dialogue, narrative, grammar and punctuation. Making it to the last two tiers means the work passed intense evaluation and oftentimes heated debates between the judges. The semi-final round narrows the list down to five and the last round chooses the winner.  

“I’m just over the 

moon with this award,” said Ms. Hudgins. “BIBA® is one the premier events limited to indie authors. To have my work validated in such an impressive contest is absolutely thrilling. And the fact that Chasing Hope is my favorite of the six books I have written so far makes it even better.”

Previous BIBA®winners include USA Today and New York Times best-selling authors, movie producers, actors, and independent authors from around the globe.


Her books are available in both e-book and print at your favorite online retailer. Signed copies can be ordered through her website,  For more information on the BIBA® awards, visit their website at Official Best Indie Book Awards 2021 Submissions (BIBA)

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