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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: Kangaroo Court of Big Tech & Big Media


We have witnessed in real time the blatant attempt of Big Tech and Big Media to hide the truth of the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Since the events of August 2020 when Kenosha was burned and looted by leftwing radicals close to Democrats after the shooting of a black man by police, the liars of Big Tech and Big Media have consistently pushed false information at their viewers.

Rittenhouse was seventeen last year when he responded to a call by the people of Kenosha for citizens to help it during the marauding rioters who were burning down longstanding small businesses and threatening neighborhoods with arson and violence. Rittenhouse’s father and grandparents live in Kenosha. He lived with his mother less than 20 miles away, in Illinois. Kenosha was his home as much as anyone’s. 

Rittenhouse went to Kenosha that night to be helpful. He helped citizens scrub violent graffiti off buildings which rioters had spray painted, while the rioters were still sleeping off their violence of the preceding night. When the looting, burning thugs returned in the dark to burn car lots, gasoline stations, and others businesses once again, and to attack and intimidate citizens from resisting them, Rittenhouse and others helped owners and citizens stop the thugs from destroying more of Kenosha. Rittenhouse also helped provide First Aid to people who had been assaulted.

In the melee of the night, Rittenhouse got separated from the main group of citizens protecting the city.  Isolated and alone, Rittenhouse was confronted by a group of very hostile rioters which included a lifelong criminal named Rosenbaum – a man convicted of raping five young boys aged 9-11. This creature of evil had behind him a gang of criminals who were dead set on doing Rittenhouse grave harm. Rittenhouse retreated and tried to flee, but the gang charged him as a provocateur named Joshua Ziminski fired his pistol in the direction of Rittenhouse. Upon the signal, Rosenbaum – who had just told Rittenhouse that he (Rosenbaum) was going to kill Rittenhouse – charged at Rittenhouse and lunged at him from 4 feet away. Rittenhouse raised his weapon and fired four rounds, hitting Rosenbaum. The career criminal was hit in the upper back with the bullet exiting his hip. This proved that Rosenbaum was essentially trying to tackle Rittenhouse. It was his fatal mistake, and he died because of it.

Rittenhouse fled the rioters, saying he was going to tell the police about it. The rioters chased him down the middle of a major street for two blocks before several of them caught up to him and attacked him from behind. One hit him in the head with a large rock. One attacked him with a skateboard once he was on the pavement, two strong blows. As he was stunned and fighting off that attack, the man with the skateboard grabbed the strap of Rittenhouse’s rifle, pulling the rifle from the hands of Rittenhouse. But Rittenhouse held on, and was able to fire the weapon, hitting that attacker, Huber, who like Rosenbaum was also a convicted felon, a man who had beaten his girlfriend and held his own mother hostage with a knife to her neck. This bad man died at the scene, hit by a single bullet.

As Rittenhouse still sat on the pavement, a third assailant tried to kill him. Yet another felon – Grosskreutz – ran up to him from the front until he got three feet away. Grosskreutz had a fully loaded and chambered Glock pistol which he pulled up and almost had in position to shoot Rittenhouse in the head when Rittenhouse used his rifle to shoot the attacker, hitting him in the right bicep and thereby stopping the criminal from killing Rittenhouse.

Video taken at the scenes proves that these events occurred as described above, and that Rittenhouse did not shoot anyone who did not first attack him violently. He did not shoot anyone who was not a criminal with a criminal history of great violence against other victims.

As soon as the event of August 25, 2020 became known, Big Tech and Big Media immediately labeled Rittenhouse a white supremacist, even though there was not a shred of evidence to support that attack. They purposely led the public to believe that the people shot were black, although all three were white. They hid the truth of the horrible criminal histories of these thugs. Not until the trial was ongoing and being broadcast did many Americans even know that the people Rittenhouse had shot were white, were criminals, and were the attacker in each incident.

During the closing arguments of the Rittenhouse trial on Monday, November 15, 2021, Youtube blocked all users except a handful of major media outlets from carrying the live event on television after the prosecution had presented its case to the jury. When it became time for the defense’s closing argument, Youtube shut down all the independent feeds on Youtube which were carrying the trial. Their action was intended to leave their ignorant and poorly informed customers without the information by the defense which made clear that Rittenhouse was innocent of the politically driven charges against him.

On Friday, November 19, 2021, the jury returned its unanimous verdict by 12-0: Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges against him. The jury found he acted in self-defense and he walked out of the court a free man. He will surely sue CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, Twitter, and others who conspired to railroad him with lies they told and seeds they planted forcefully to push the narrative they wished to make dominant.  They will all be writing large checks to him for their devious and seedy conduct. 

Copyright 2021, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.

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