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JIM “PAPPY” MOORE: Bad Results Prove Bad Intentions


There is a concept in law which has great meaning for current events. Results prove Intentions. Biden and his Woke party push many ideas which have resulted in the destruction of American institutions. They may say they do not intend the bad results, but we must hold them accountable for the failures they are imposing upon our country and our people. We must construe that they have intended the bad results of their actions, knowingly doing so.

They have demanded Defunding Police. They have stopped prosecuting crimes. They have let convicted prisoners out of prison to victimize the law-abiding public. They have treated law-abiding citizens as criminals for attending church, for protesting out of control school boards. They have criminalized refusing a vaccine with known problems for many of our population. They have purged our military of loyal, highly competent members. They have opened our southern border to all illegal immigrants, and lavished upon them money and benefits they deny our veterans, our elderly, our own needy citizens. They have brought highly objectionable materials into our schools, teaching children sexual matters and exposing them to all manner of sexual perversion. They have used socialist activists in schools to teach students to hate America.

The results of the actions by Biden’s Demagogue Party have been catastrophic. They have gravely injured our energy sector, putting hundreds of thousands out of jobs, while driving the costs of energy up almost 100% in less than ten months. They have impaired the supply chain resulting in shortages of everything from household items to Thanksgiving turkeys.  They have pushed division in our country, seeking to alienate citizens from each other.

All these things have been horrible results, and we must hold them accountable for these massive failures.  Simply put, we can conclude that they intended these terrible results, because they instituted the changes and conditions which caused the results. 

Americans have responded to these aggressions by the Biden propaganda machine. We have pushed back against his dictatorial rule, his incessant issuing of mandates, as if he can dictate what America will be, what freedoms Americans can have, and what horrors he can visit upon our children and our elderly.

Parents have stood up to the school boards and teachers who have decided they are the arbiters of what children should learn in America. A wide range of parents from every racial demographic have rallied to hold accountable teachers, administrators and school districts for objectionable materials and activist nonsense.

Pilots of airlines and other professional have pushed back on the mandating of a vaccine many find lacking. There is little doubt that by any reasonable standard the Covid vaccine has resulted in more deaths and more serious side effects than any vaccine in American history. It’s not a close call. Many of our citizens simply do not need the vaccine, particularly the young. Many others have natural antibodies from having had the virus. But Biden pushes the vaccine because he and his party are compromised by the industry which produces the vaccine.

Biden intends the results he has created. He wants to tear down America and rebuild it as a socialist disaster where one party rule ushers in a new America modeled after China.  He wants one party control, as his labeling as domestic terrorists half the country proves.  America is rejecting Biden and his insanity in elections across the country. He has lost large segments of the population who supported him a year ago. Americans are fed up with his totalitarian ways. America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and one sad, incompetent wannabe dictator is not going to change that.

Copyright 2021, Jim “Pappy” Moore. All rights reserved.

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