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💸 The Fiscal Note: More Relief is Possible

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Despite claims from some elected officials that historic property tax relief was acheived last year, many Texans are not feeling an historic repreive.


Plus, when you look at the numbers, less than half of the budget surplus last year ($33 billion) was used to provide new property tax relief, while the rest was spent on growing government and corporate welfare.


Was more tax relief possible? Is more relief possible in the future? We discuss these questions, and more below!  🔽


January 8th

Texas Can Have More Tax Relief if the Legislature Stops its Out-of-Control Spending


In 2023, Texas led the U.S. on many fronts: job growth, economic expansion, energy production, and a record surplus of $33 billion. This was when many other states, especially California, were reporting economic challenges and deficits.


Despite Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s warning to spend wisely, the 88th Texas Legislature chose out-of-control, record spending. This isn’t a record Texans wanted because it means less available money for property tax relief…. MORE HERE

January 2nd

In case you missed it…

Public Service or Personal Gain?


2023 was a year of legislative disappointments: mediocre property tax relief, wasteful spending, and fiscal irresponsibility; however, there was another egregious example of legislative impropriety that may have flown under the radar for some.


While you were struggling under the weight of crushing inflation, never-ending property taxes, and more, legislators in Austin were busy attempting to give themselves and state judges (taxpayer-funded government employees) a raise not just once… but twice…. MORE HERE

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