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Video: Coffee City, Texas police chief fired, department temporarily disbanded after KHOU 11 investigation


  1. R. Taylor on September 19, 2023 at 12:37 am

    It’s about time! This “Chief” is a complete disgrace to all Law Enforcement. While watching video, I am reminded of his ridicule when attempting to report domestic behavior involving one of his new, full-time Officers. Upon returning to duty, Portillo stated “Are you still with that crazy girl? You need to get away from her, she’s going to get you fired”. In an attempt to explain and accept responsibility for the incident, several other slanderous, disrespectful and demeaning slurs were directed my way by Portillo. The unethical and unprofessional “leadership” under his command has finally come home to roost. Notable for unwarranted, melodramatic temper tantrums, vulgar tirades, questionable law enforcement tactics and numerous violations of the law (not only himself, but at his direction/by direct order to Officers)…a gangster Bully with a badge! His incompetence is well documented. Bless the brave soul for releasing video evidence of him in true form. I implore TCOLE to investigate, indict and prosecute his criminal background. The decision by City Counsel to disband this Department, firing all personnel in lieu of internal investigations, reeks of a cover-up. The Mayor has intimate knowledge of Portillo and the Department’s deceptive practices, including $1M revenue generated in one year by 50 Officers. Mandated attendance of monthly Council Meetings, reporting status of PD, gives way to the Mayor’s claims of ignorance. Recognition of a tremendous liability triggered such a hasty response. No worry, TCOLE more than capable of taking this to task.
    This disgrace actually ran for Harris Co. Pct. 3 Constable a few years ago and placed 4th out of 5 candidates. Claiming a 2nd place finish, he has continuously stated he will again seek office in the forthcoming election. If successful, verbal assurances of coveted Deputy positions have been promised to numerous croonies who ingratiate themselves and bow to his childish whim.
    Portillo has tarnished the badge, giving reason for unwarranted mistrust and misplaced hate by the public. As if there needed to be another excuse. This job is difficult enough…losing personnel by attrition, just giving up or death. Certainly no room for his obscene presence.
    Nothing but a common crook. Disgusting. Assuredly, his other business ventures will see him through his impending legal woes. BTW, Love the advertisement, in uniform no less, to promote personal business.
    I’ll be watching from the courtroom…

  2. Wolf on September 19, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    There is a HUGE investigation going on related to coffee city. You can bet on that. Sad to see the unethical actions from Texas peace officers, especially the X-Chief.

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