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💸 The Fiscal Note: Independence and Prosperity

🎉 Happy Friday!


This week, the United States 🇺🇸 celebrated its 247th birthday on July 4th. 🎆 We hope you and your family had a wonderful and blessed Independence Day!


With this week’s celebration, it is fitting that we remember the men who fought and sacrificed for our independence from what was, at the time, our national government. We must also pause to remember the causes for that revolution, which included what was viewed as unjust taxation. 💰 In many ways, that taxation pales in comparison to the taxes many Americans are burdended with today.


Read all about our revolutionary founding, steps that must be taken for real economic prosperity, and more news and commentary below. 🔽


We recently introduced the 2023 Fiscal Responsibility Index, or our legislative Report Card. Here is everything you need to see how each legislator performed during the 88th Legislative Session.


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July 4th

This Independence Day,

Remember We Fought A War Over Taxes


Taxation has always been an integral part of a nation’s economic system, enabling governments to fund public services and fulfill their obligations. The Revolutionary War marked a turning point in American history, as colonists fought for independence from British rule.


One significant grievance that fueled the revolution was the issue of excessive taxation. In modern times, the tax landscape is far more complex. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, and corporate tax are just a few examples of the taxes levied by U.S. governments…. MORE HERE

July 6th

3 Steps to Real Economic Prosperity.

Will Texas Achieve It?

Governor Greg Abbott has, on several recent occasions, opined that Texas possesses the “best business climate” and is “America’s premier economic destination.” While on the surface this seems true, the emphasis by the state and local governments over the last 20 years has increasingly been focused on regulatory and tax policies to make Texas the premier destination and climate for big business and big government.


Along the way, Texas taxpayers, workers, and small businesses have been left fighting for scraps…. MORE HERE

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