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💸 The Fiscal Note: Round 2! Second Special Session Begins 🏛

🎉 Happy Friday!


This week, the Texas Legislature is back in the ring for Round 2, as Governor Abbott has called a second special session after the Legislature’s failure to pass long-overdue property tax relief.


Once again, Abbott charged the Legislature with passing legislation to provide property tax relief “solely” through compressing the school Maintenance and Operation (M&O) property tax rate, something Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and many other fiscal watchdog organizations have been calling for.


Both sides are sticking to their guns, with Speaker Phelan and the House siding with Abbott, while Lt. Gov. Patrick puts up a stubborn opposition.


Read all about this new special session HERE.


In other news, socialism is (quickly) on the rise in the Lone Star State, with the largest government spending increase in state history. For instance, Texas House Calendars Committee Chairman Dustin Burrows is proposing a “cap” on individual property tax bill increases year to year.


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Last week, we introduced the 2023 Fiscal Responsibility Index, or our legislative Report Card. Here is everything you need to see how each legislator performed during the 88th Legislative Session:

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June 29

Round 2: Abbott Calls Second Special Session

The clash between the east and west chambers of the Texas Capitol has officially entered its second called special session, as the Senate and House continue their fight over the best approach to providing Texans with long-overdue property tax relief.


After the first called special session ended on Monday with the Legislature failing to pass property tax relief, Governor Abbott called a second special session on Tuesday in the hopes that another 30 days might bring the issue to rest… MORE HERE

June 26

Socialism on the Rise in Texas:

An Examination of the Texas Budget

The Texas Legislature is in the midst of a 20-year spending spree. Since 2003, the appropriation of state funds per legislative session has increased from $76.2 billion to $233 billion… MORE HERE

June 27

A Cap on Property Tax Bill Increases?

Just three days after House Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) formed a new Select Study Committee on Sustainable Property Tax Relief in the Texas House, Chairman Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock) sent a letter to the committee’s chairman, Morgan Meyer (R-Dallas), proposing a new plan known as… MORE HERE

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