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Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports – Brought to You by BlackRock and Vanguard

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17 February 2022
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Who is Dr. EV-il? By CLG Founder, Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. | 14 February 2022 | (Opinion) General Motors’ 2022 Super Bowl ad “Dr. EV-il” summons viewers to ponder the issue of climate change. The ad introduces the company’s electric vehicles (EV), apparently committing the company to a “net-zero” future. In the same breath, GM subtly admits that it will use what is purported to be a looming catastrophe to its advantage… Just as GM appropriates Dr. Evil and Dr. Evil appropriates Frau Farbissina, the ad seems to reappropriate the mien and ethos of Herr Klaus Schwab, the chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum, who has been popularly likened to the villain.  
Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports – Brought to You by BlackRock and Vanguard | 16 Feb 2022 | After the U.S. Supreme Court last month froze the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for large private employers, some companies…dropped plans to implement the mandate. Others, based on guidance issued in 2020 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, left the mandates in place. Most of the large employers that opted to mandate COVID vaccines for their employees, even though the Supreme Court ruled they didn’t have to, have something in common: BlackRock and The Vanguard Group have ownership stakes in them. BlackRock and Vanguard, two of the world’s “Big Three” asset managers, also are among the top three shareholders of COVID vaccine makers Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — which means the two investment giants stand to benefit from these companies’ soaring profits and the resulting rise in those companies’ stock prices. BlackRock and Vanguard don’t just benefit from sales of COVID vaccines. As it turns out, they also have ownership stakes in technology companies developing vaccine passports and digital wallets.
Israel Starts Canadian-Inspired ‘Freedom Convoy’ Against COVID-19 Mandates | 14 Feb 2022 | The convoy of Canadian truckers protesting COVID-19 mandates and restrictions has inspired people in other countries to follow suit with protests of their own, including Israel. Thousands of Israeli protesters have joined a Canadian-inspired “Freedom Convoy” on Monday, with vehicles flying Israeli and Canadian flags while driving along the main highway linking Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In footage posted to social media, vehicles are heard blaring horns on Israeli roads as protesters are seen banging drums and blocking roads–mirroring a similar method Canadians have used to voice their grievances over the government’s COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. “Over 30,000 vehicles in 40 convoys from 40 Israel cities united in Jerusalem earlier today to demand the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions and a return to normality,” said Oshy Ellman, a senior Israeli communications adviser.
Canada’s House of Commons erupts after Trudeau accuses Jewish MP of supporting swastikas –The speaker of the House of Commons admonished Trudeau and others to avoid ‘inflammatory’ language| 16 Feb 2022 | The Canadian House of Commons erupted in shouts of condemnation Wednesday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau replied to a Jewish member of Parliament by accusing members of the opposing Conservative Party of “standing with people who wave swastikas.” Trudeau, a member of the Liberal Party, made his comment in response to being grilled by Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman during a tense, emotional Question Period, which occurs every sitting day in the Canadian House of Commons when members of Parliament ask questions of government ministers, including the prime minister. Lantsman, who became the first Jewish woman to be elected as a Conservative MP last October, read a 2015 quote from Trudeau when he said, “If Canadians are going to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians.”  
Canadian truckers react to Trudeau invoking Emergencies Act: ‘He just gained more freedom fighters’–One trucker quit his job and stayed with the Freedom Convoy | 15 Feb 2022 | Truckers who remained in Ottawa on Monday evening were largely undeterred by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act, felt it was another “power grab” and said they would continue their protest. One trucker committed to staying opted to resign from his company after he was suspended Monday. “The more they are trying to put us to the corner, the more we are willing to stand our ground,” another trucker, Edward Martyrosya, told Fox News. “I think it’s wonderful,” trucker Csaba Vizi said of Emergencies Act. “I’ll tell you why: because even more Canadians who have been looking at the whole thing passively from their home, their couch…they might want to wake up and stand up with us.” Trudeau “just gained more freedom fighters,” Vizi continued.  
‘We Will Hold the Line’: Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They’re Not Deterred by Emergencies Act | 14 Feb 2022 | Freedom Convoy organizers say they will continue to protest on Parliament Hill despite the federal government’s declaration of a state of emergency. “We are not afraid. In fact, every time the government decides to further suspend our civil liberties, our resolve strengthens and the importance of our mission becomes clearer,” organizer Tamara Lich said on Feb. 14 in anticipation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act over the protests demanding an end to COVID-19 mandates. “We will remain peaceful, but planted on Parliament Hill until the mandates are decisively ended. We recognize that there is a democratic process within which change occurs. We have never stepped outside of that process, nor do we intend to.” Trudeau is the first prime minister to use the Emergencies Act.
Trudeau vows to freeze anti-mandate protesters’ bank accounts –With no need for court orders, banks can freeze personal accounts of anyone linked with the protests. | 15 Feb 2022 | Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken the unprecedented step of invoking the Emergencies Act to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protests. Mr Trudeau said the scope of the measures would be “time-limited,” “reasonable and proportionate” and would not see the military deployed. With no need for court orders, banks can freeze personal accounts of anyone linked with the protests. Hundreds of demonstrators remain in Canada’s capital city.
San Francisco voters recall SFUSD president, two other school board members –The special election was the first recall in San Francisco since 1983. | 16 Feb 2022 | San Francisco residents have recalled three members of the city’s school board for what critics called misplaced priorities and putting progressive politics over the needs of children during the pandemic. Voters overwhelmingly approved the recall Tuesday night, according to tallies by the San Francisco Department of Elections. The special election was the first recall in San Francisco since 1983, since a failed attempt to remove then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein.
King County will end COVID vaccine requirements at restaurants, bars, gyms | 16 Feb 2022 | (Seattle, WA) Restaurants, bars, theaters and gyms in King County will no longer be required to check the vaccination status of their patrons beginning March 1, officials announced Wednesday, as the county begins to unwind pandemic policies that have been in place for months. From March 1, businesses will be free to impose their own vaccination requirements if they choose, but the countywide requirement will disappear. Since last fall, indoor eateries and cultural and recreational spaces have been required to verify their customers’ vaccination status or a negative coronavirus test as a condition for entry. The policy has also applied to outdoor events with more than 500 people, like concerts and sporting events.
Connecticut Senate extends school mask mandate, other executive orders that were scheduled to expire | 14 Feb 2022 | After clashing for five hours, the state Senate voted Monday to extend Gov. Ned Lamont’s mask mandate in schools and other executive orders that had been scheduled to expire Tuesday. Democrats who control the chamber said the mask mandate will now expire Feb. 28 — and local school boards will have the authority going forward on masks. The measure passed 21-14 on mostly party lines with Democratic Sen. Cathy Osten of Sprague breaking with her party and voting with Republicans against the bill. Lawmakers also approved a separate resolution to extend the public health and civil preparedness emergencies for the state until June 30, which guarantees more than 30 million per month in additional benefits for food stamps for needy families. Legislators did not, however, extend the special powers that Lamont has had for nearly two years.
Severe, critical COVID-19 cases more likely in vitamin D-deficient people – study –Vitamin D helps to keep bones strong | 15 Feb 2022 | People who have a vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have a severe or fatal case of COVID-19, researchers said. In a retrospective study published in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists from Galilee Medical Center and Bar Ilan University in Israel examined the records of more than 1,176 patients admitted between April 7, 2020, and Feb. 4, 2021, to the Nahariya-based Galilee Medical Center with positive PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests for SAR-CoV-2. Those records were searched for vitamin D levels measured two weeks to two years prior to infection… Mortality among patients with sufficient vitamin D levels was 2.3%, compared with 25.6% in the deficient group.
Police on alert for Nazis headed to Ukraine – reports | 16 Feb 2022 | British counter-terrorism police have been interrogating travelers headed to Ukraine over the past several days, seeking “far-right extremists” who might want to get weapons training and military experience there, the Guardian reported on Wednesday. Officers at departure gates of “at least one main British airport” have quizzed people bound for Ukraine over their identity and reasons for travel, the report said, citing an unnamed security source. The move was reportedly prompted by “at least half a dozen known neo-Nazis” who traveled to Ukraine this week from the US and an unspecified European country, the outlet said.
Operative From ‘Republican’ Lincoln Project Now Working for George Soros –‘Non-partisan’ media firm funded by Dem billionaires | 14 Feb 2022 | The Lincoln Project’s national press secretary, RC Di Mezzo, is leaving the scandalplagued super PAC for a new gig as communications director for Good Information Inc., a for-profit investment firm that aims to counter media “disinformation.” The firm, launched in October 2021, is backed by George Soros and other left-wing billionaires, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Apple widow Laurene Powell Jobs. Good Information Inc. is the brainchild of Tara McGowan, a veteran Democratic operative who has spent the last several years funneling millions of dollars from Democratic megadonors into a complex web of dark m-ney groups with the goal of influencing elections while skirting federal transparency requirements. Reports announcing the group’s formation noted that McGowan planned to raise 65 million for the venture in an effort “to counter the right’s disinformation machine.
NY Rep. Kathleen Rice is the 30th House Democrat to bow out of 2022 race | 15 Feb 2022 | New York Rep. Kathleen Rice announced Tuesday she will not seek re-election to Congress, marking the 30th Democratic departure from the House headed into the 2022 midterm elections. In a statement posted to Twitter, Rice reflected on her time in public service, calling it the “honor of my life” to serve the people of New York. Tuesday’s announcement comes about three weeks after Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) announced his intention not to run again later this fall. In total, 30 House Democrats have said they will not run for re-election, with 22 retiring from public service, four running for US Senate and four seeking other office.
‘Racial Justice’ Socialist Activist Quintez Brown Accused of Attempted Murder, Shooting at Louisville Mayoral Candidate | 15 Feb 2022 | Quintez Brown, a self-proclaimed racial justice activist working for “the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism,” has been charged in shooting Louisville, Kentucky, Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg’s office, with bullets narrowly missing Greenberg on Monday. On Tuesday, Brown pleaded not guilty to the charges. “Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment after Greenberg was shot at in his campaign headquarters Monday morning in Butchertown, LMPD spokeswoman Elizabeth Ruoff said late Monday,” the Courier Journal reported.
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