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Two new scholars in Honors Northeast

By: Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director

After outstanding performances in the fall semester, Bekah Contreras (left), and Hope Kelly have entered the ranks of Honors Northeast, NTCC’s Honors Program.

In addition to their GPA success both Contreras and Kelly contributed in various ways to the academic culture at NTCC.  Contreras was the best student in a large section of History 1301, and wrote an excellent essay on romantic drama in the novels of Jane Austen compared to the novels of other early-nineteenth century American female authors.  Kelly assisted with costumes for the theatre department’s fall play, “A 1940s Christmas Carol” and painted an arresting work depicting spring daisies in her art class.

Contreras was born in Mount Pleasant, and attended the Mount Pleasant Area Christian Co-operative as a homeschooled student.  She is interested in medicine, aviation, and literature. Kelly was born in Alabama, and recently moved to Camp County after spending time with her family in Mexico while her father served as a missionary. Her favorite town in Mexico was La Cruz on the Pacific.

Honors Northeast is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year. 1 March is the deadline for obtaining an optimal scholarship The program confers institutional and private scholarships, as well as many other amenities. Talented public high school students, high school seniors, homeschoolers in transition, and parents are welcome to contact Dr. Andrew P. Yox, Honors Director, at, and/or apply through the honors website: <>.

Bekah is the daughter of Josué and Andrea Contreras of Mount Pleasant, and Hope is the daughter of Dennis and Brandy Kelly from Pittsburg.

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