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Secretary Scott Assures All Eligible Texas Voters They Can Register to Vote Ahead of January 31st Deadline

AUSTIN — Texas Secretary of State John Scott today provided an update to all eligible Texas voters wishing to register to vote for the March 1 Primary Election:

“Every year, the Secretary of State’s Office voluntarily provides voter registration applications to numerous entities, including county election offices, county clerks, public libraries, high school principals, and others. This is in an effort to reach and register as many eligible Texas voters as possible and assist them in exercising their constitutional right to vote. While we are not legally required to do so, we do this as a courtesy to Texas voters and those organizations helping eligible Texans register to vote,” Secretary Scott said.

“I want to make one thing clear: every single eligible Texas voter will be able to register to vote if they have not done so already. This year alone, the SOS has provided tens of thousands of voter registration applications to counties, libraries, schools, and private entities. The SOS has also made a .pdf version of the voter registration application available to anyone who requests it, including private entities. Additionally, Texas voters can fill out an online application form, print, sign and send the completed application to their county voter registrar. Don’t wait until the last minute if you haven’t already registered – get the process started today by following the instructions below or by visiting!”

The Texas Secretary of State’s office offers free voter registration forms to any individual, group or organization upon request as a courtesy to help Texas voters. There is no legal requirement in the Texas Election Code for the Secretary of State to provide free voter registration forms, only to furnish a copy of the required form without charge, which our office has done for any group or organization that requests one.

Any eligible Texas voter can fill out his or her registration information on the Texas Secretary of State’s online portal, print, sign and mail the completed application form to their county voter registrar. The completed application does not have to be printed on a special type of paper. Once printed, Texas voters must:

  • Insert in an envelope addressed to the county (the address is at the top of the form);
  • Place a first class stamp on the envelope; and
  • Mail to your county voter registrar.

You can start the application process here. Spanish speakers can use the Spanish language online application form here.

To find the correct mailing address for your county voter registrar, visit our list of County Voter Registration officials here.

Are you registering to vote for the first time?

To register to vote in Texas, simply complete a voter registration application and return it to your county election office by January 31st.  To complete an application, you may:

Register to vote when renewing your Driver License or State ID card

If you’re not already registered to vote but have an existing Texas Driver License or state identification card, you can register to vote online when renewing, replacing or changing your contact information for either of these cards through the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Follow the steps on the DPS web portal to update your driver license information, and you will be given the option to register to vote when renewing or updating your information.

Update your voter registration information online

Whether you’ve recently moved or changed your name, you can now update all your information on your voter registration record through our portal on You may use this tool to update your registration across county lines if you have changed residences to a new county.

Click here to update your voter registration information online.**

**NOTE: To update your voter registration, you will need your Voter Unique Identifier (VUID) to log in to the portal. You can find your VUID by visiting the Texas SOS My Voter Portal, in which you can enter your Name, County, Date of Birth and ZIP code to display your voter registration information.

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