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Red River and Cass Counties Passed Resolutions Opposing Marvin Nichols Reservoir

This week, the Commissioners of Red River and Cass Counties passed resolutions opposing the Marvin Nichols Reservoir and calling for it to be removed from the Texas state water plan. These votes demonstrate growing momentum against the proposed reservoir, which would permanently alter the Northeast Texas landscape and negatively impact the lives and livelihoods of thousands of Texans.

“These votes demonstrate the widespread opposition to Marvin Nichols throughout Northeast Texas,” said Bill Ward, a member of the Preserve Northeast Texas steering committee. “Those promoting the reservoir can use eminent domain to take tens of thousands of acres of family farms, ranches and timberland from Texas landowners. We are grateful for the excellent leadership of Red River and Cass County officials who are standing up for our community and our way of life. We urge every elected official in our region to show the same leadership.”

Preserve Northeast Texas, is a group of landowners, business owners, community leaders, conservationists, and local elected officials who have banded together to stop Marvin Nichols and protect the region from one of the biggest transfers of private land to public in modern history.

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